When Getting Pregnant Is Not Easy

Getting pregnant when you want to isn't always a sure thing, but we offer a solution that has worked for many women.


We have a story, and I know it is not as heart wrenching as many of yours, but it was hard. Many of you will know what I am talking about. 

My husband and I were married in April of 2005, very quickly we brought home a preemie from the NICU as foster parents, and eventually adoptive parents. You can read more about this story here.

We knew we wanted children, but this was faster than either of us thought it would happen. We decided that we wanted to have another child biologically right away.

Despite our ‘plan’, it didn’t happen. After a year of trying to conceive on our own, we sought medical assistance. 

We drove many times to ‘the big city’ and went into a fancy medical building and were told ‘you will never conceive on your own’.

These words are devastating, but I knew, they would never stop me from having more children. We started the process of IVF, as we were told this was the only way.

I completed tests, paperwork and sorted out finances and medical coverage.

Turned a big corner; gave up trying to do it on our own, and guess what happened?

We got pregnant. Two weeks before the start of IVF, I was pregnant. 

I have since had 2 more pregnancies. The second taking 6 months of ‘trying’ and the third one happening, well, um, unintentionally.

I had the opportunity of learning about a new, simple option for couples trying to conceive a child.

The Stork is a device used to get the sperm closer to the eggs to make conception more likely to occur. The rates of success are 10-20%, which I think are pretty good.


the stork information

As in my style, I will tell you my top 5 aspects of The Stork:

All in the Comfort of your Home

There is nothing like spreading eagle on a cold table with your feet in stirrups. It’s horrible.

No matter how nice the pictures on the wall are, or how fancy the waiting room is, this is not comfortable.

The Stork is simple to use and completely yours. You do not need to involve anyone other than your partner in the process.

The Price Point is Reasonable

As someone who has looked at the possibility of it costing $10000+ to have a baby, spending as as little as $80When Getting Pregnant Is Not Easy seems amazing.

I actually still call my first biological son my $10K baby. 

The Stork is Easy to Use

The process involves 2 steps for the man and 3 for the woman. If you can use a condom and a tampon, you can use this product.

The Stork really makes it simple and their intention is that anyone can use it.

It is Safe to use and not Overly Intrusive

Made from implantable medical grade silicone, there is no latex in the system.

Even the remover string is made from medical grade material. The applicator is inserted into the vagina and the Contracepticle is left in for 4-6 hours.

There are no needles, or medication. It is a system and not a drug. Although I am a nurse, I always prefer drug free when possible!

The Stork can be used with a Sperm Donor, or a Same Sex Couple

Families come in all shapes and sizes and there are many people living alternative lifestyles that will make amazing parents.

Many women choose to enter parenting alone. The Stork replaces the turkey baster or expensive trips to the gynaecologist.

Making it easier for good people get get pregnant is wonderful.

So how does The Stork work? 

The Stork allows you to bypass the hostile vaginal environment with the special applicator included in the package.

The applicator allows for more control while placing the cervical cap onto the cervical os.

Placement of the cervical cap onto the os allows for the semen to be held at the opening of the uterus for better travel into the cavity and fallopian tubes. 

The Stork should be used right before, during, and after ovulation, using the device with your favorite ovulation predictor kit may increase your chances for conception.

the stork product image

I would encourage anyone trying to get pregnant to try The Stork before other fertility treatments. 

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