What’s It Like To Be Exclusive?

What’s It Like To Be Exclusive? #AvionVIP

We all know what time of year it is and we all know the insanity that that can cause.

Most of you know that I have 5 kids, the oldest is 8. Insanity is my middle name. Want to see what it looks like to get my kids out of the car at the mall?

I was given the opportunity to become a Avioner for the day. What did this mean? Well RBC Avion cardholders know What’s It Like To Be Exclusive.

One prime example of this is the Avion Lounge that has been placed in malls throughout Canada.

I had the chance to take JUST ONE KID with me to the mall for a couple of hours.

To be honest, it is rare that I venture into the mall during peak Christmas season, but with a Birthday party this week and a few small items left to get, I had no choice.

Valet Parking RBC Avion

I headed to Coquitlam Centre and drove up to: VALET PARKING!

Let’s face it, the biggest challenge we all hope to avoid on a trip to the mall at this time of year is finding a parking space.

Although I have become a very proficient Spot Stalker, I still hate it. 

My son and I headed for the lounge, through hoards of people shopping, yelling and some even running. Strollers were overloaded and kids looked miserable.
Starbucks coffee at the RBC Avion Lounge
Walking into the lounge there is a distinct sense of calm.

I was greeted by a young woman, smiling and headed right for the coffee. I did mention I am the mom of 5 , right?

My son was ecstatic to hear that there was not only hot chocolate, but he could add his own marshmallows!

Yes, I provided a little guidence, as I think it would have been marshmallows with a hint of hot chocolate, if he had the chance. 

As soon as I had my coffee I headed for the coat check. It’s cold here and I rarely wear a jacket.

Chasing kids through the mall will make you break a sweat.

As if I need one more thing to carry! Knowing there was the lounge, I didn’t freeze on my way into the mall, and didn’t have to carry a bulky winter jacket.

Linden and I took the chance to look around, have a seat and talk to some other Avioners.

Many of them were finding the lounge for the first time, but some we seasoned ‘loungers’.


“Valet Parking, where?”

“I already loved Avion, and now this!”

“I certainly made use of the Valet, my daughter was crying in the car and I just pulled up and could quickly get her out.”

“It’s our third time here since it opened. It brings us back to this mall.”



As a mom and a breastfeeding advocate, I was thrilled to see a mom, nursing her baby in the lounge.

I know what this is like in a busy mall.

Everyone walking by, looking at you, judging you.

Your baby unable to nurse because he is so distracted by the chaos. Not this baby.

The baby was nursing and the mom was chatting away to her husband and another mom.

This was probably my favorite thing about the lounge and What’s It Like To Be Exclusive.


We left the lounge to buy Lego and a few clothing items to wear over the holidays.

While I was standing in a HUGE line up in the mall, directly across from the lounge, I overheard a conversation.

I listened to the boy at the till next to me and he was about 8 and shopping with his mom.

He had clearly seen the Avion Lounge and What’s It Like To Be Exclusive.

The boy was begging him mom to take him there.

Her Son saw the snacks, hot chocolate and most importantly for his tired legs, the chairs.

I’m not sure if that boy had gotten to benefit from the lounge, but my son sure did.

Big smile on his face as he is treated like a VIP.


How did I feel being a guest in the lounge? What’s It Like To Be Exclusive. I felt important, calm and never rushed.

So It just so happens that I am in the market for a new credit card.

My previous provider has changed their card and no longer has travel rewards.

I would love to hear where you find peace and calm during this hectic time of the year?

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