How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

My kids, 4 and 2, are really great at identifying letters. Everyone asks me how this happened, and the fact is that I basically have no idea. I think they are probably pretty smart. I’ve done a few things casually. The fact is, I don’t think I’ve tried hard enough to take any credit for their skill. It remains, however, that my kids know their letters, so here’s what I can tell you we’ve done:

Fridge Phonics

This is a Leapfrog toy that we received as a hand me down. I don’t ever think I can throw a toy in front of my kids and it will do the educating for me; however, this is one toy they sure have used a lot, and it seems to have helped

Alphabet Charts

We have an alphabet chart with little flaps that open to reveal pictures of things that start with that letter. It intrigues the kids and starts conversations.

Alpha Tots

A fun app that my son loves to play on my e-reader.

Alphabet Bags

My sis-in-law and nieces filled 26 baggies with itty bitty items starting with each letter. These are probably my favorite thing, which matters because I enjoy playing with them, and the kids like them too. We take them out, talk about them. Sometimes I mix a few bags up and ask them to sort them out by letter again.

Alphabet books

My mom bought us four books from a series with titles like My “h” book, My “s” book. I was happy to find that our library has them all. The only tricky thing is that there are sometimes things like “hog” that my kids will insist is a “pig” and doesn’t belong in the “h” book. I also love the Dr. Seuss ABC book, among others

Letter Pancakes

My mother-in-law gave me a great pancake pen that I can make letters with. I make one for each thing they are having—“p” for pancake, “y” for yogurt, etc—and they love to talk about them. They also just love for me to say things like, “What does ‘bat’ start with? B-b-b-bat?” and they shout “b” [my two-year-old isn’t quite ready for this one yet.]
My four-year-old is starting to complain because he can’t read the words in his books, so hopefully pretty soon we’ll be putting those letters together. I think I’m going to have to make a more deliberate effort on that one, though.

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