Simple and Easy Easter Egg Cookies

My kids love our tradition of making Simple and Easy Easter Egg Cookies.

My kids love our tradition of making Simple and Easy Easter Egg Cookies.


Easter is one of the most important Christian Holidays and we like to celebrate with some family traditions.

With Easter just around the corner, I have all sorts of treats and goodies to prepare for class parties and Easter brunch.

It can begin to get overwhelming. 

Easy Easter Egg Cookies

If you are anything like me, you will take any shortcuts you can when it comes to baking, as long as it doesn’t compromise the quality.

This weekend I quickly whipped up some easy cookies with Nestle Toll House Rolled and Ready Sugar Cookie Dough.  

To begin I used the pre-rolled cookie dough and cut them into egg shapes.

I followed the instructions on the packaging for baking and completely cooled the cookies on a wire rack.

For the icing, I made several Easter themed colours with the following recipe.

I used a cream coloured icing for the base. 

Royal Icing:

3 and 3/4 cup icing sugar (also called confectioners’ sugar)

5 Tablespoons Meringue powder or 2 egg whites

If you use Meringue powder, mix on low with the sugar and slowly add UP TO 1/2 cup water. Choose a firmer consistency for these cookies. 

With a small piping bag outline the eggs, then completely fill them in. 

My kids love our tradition of making Easy Easter Egg Cookies.

Use the coloured icing to decorate as you wish.

Below are some design examples. 

Simple and Easy Easter Egg Cookies with Rolled and Ready Dough

With the convenience of using the Rolled and Ready dough, whipping up a couple dozen of these treats takes only a short time.

You can even let the kids help decorate! 


Decorated Easter Cookies

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