Organize On A Budget

Organizing on a Budget

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Organizing can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you go shopping for tools. Have you checked the prices of bins and baskets? It can get a bit expensive, one small closet alone could cost a hundred dollars depending on what you are looking for. Do not let that stop you. You can organize on a budget and still get the same results as those fancy organizing tools.

Re-purpose what you have.If you have extra shoe boxes or small boxes you get in the mail reuse them in your kids rooms. These are the perfect size to hold small toys or crafts. Most of the time they easily fit into dresser drawers making a neat way to organize their socks. Do you have a baby or know someone that does? You can reuse the plastic baby wipe boxes for crafts too. I use these to store crayons and markers in my house. Each child has their own box and I just write their name on them, so there is no fighting on who’s is who’s. You know how that goes.

Turn your items into cash. Once you start going through your home think twice about when you used this last. When was the last time the kids played with it. You can easily sell these items at a consignment or online such as Craigslist or Ebay. Turn that money and buy organizing tools you do not have and cat not live without.

Shop the dollar stores. I will admit, I love to use baskets in a lot of my rooms. Bins and containers do not need to be fancy. You can get some great essentials at the dollar store and still make it look organized. I have seen them come in a package of 4 for those smaller containers, great for your make – up and medicine bottles.

Think outside the box. By using items you would not think of using can save you tons. Ziploc bags can be used for storing a ton of items, such as a take out menu bag. This will help that junk drawer where they end up look so much better. You can even jazz it up with a cute label to make it look pretty. You can also purchase some inexpensive shower hooks to hang in your closet. These are perfect for holding purses and belts. Even using a old wooden box or basket can be turned into a functional jewelry shelf. They sky is the limit here all you need is some creativity.

Keeping it organized is free. By making an effort to keep your home organized is free and it will save you from having to do a complete overhaul of your house. Time is money too.

It is possible to organize on a budget. The key is to focus on the functionality of a space not what you spend. I feel this way especially in my kids rooms. I know they are going to be a little tougher on things. If a bin or bucket gets broken I do not feel like it was money wasted.

What are your tips for organizing on a budget? We’d love to hear them.

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