Online Games for Fun or Games for Learning?

I am a Mother of three and occasionally need a break from my parenting responsibilities, I looked for something to distract or entertain the kids and through Google search I stumbled over free games on and had an epiphany – it may be possible that online games for fun or games for learning can do both!

Read on as I share my personal experience.

Online Games for Fun or Games for Learning

Challenging and Fun Games 

I was looking for a Math game that would help my youngest Son change his perspective on learning math – I was hoping he would see the fun in learning Math.

While browsing I found Math Facts Shoot Out. I immediately liked the fact that there are 3 different levels.

Math Facts Shoot out - Games for Fun or Games for Learning

We started with the Easy level to help build my Sons confidence. We also have a choice of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. As you navigate through the 4 different sections and answer the questions your score updates and I found my Son gaining a high level of confidence to learn more.

I wasn’t “helicopter parenting” as he played the game but I kept a distant eye on him and noticed his confidence level increased and he became more engaged with the game. My Son seemed to enjoy the bonus basketball foul shots.

Math Games for Fun and Learning

Our Daughter has struggled for years in math and is behind her class mates relative to her math level. She needs some help with Fractions and l feel lucky to have found Equivalent Fractions Bingo Game for Kids.

Online Games for Fun or Games for Learning = Equivalent Fractions Bingo

The games let’s the player select from 2 different modes; Numbers and Charts or Numbers only. My daughter responds best to visual representations best so I nudged her to select Numbers and Charts.

Then you have the option of selecting 3 different Grid sizes, with 3 X 3 being the simplest to get started. Each correct answer gets you one box closer to winning “Bingo”.

You can also accumulate a “Bug Collection” – up to 20 different bugs.

We all know that kids quickly loose interest in some games which does not discourage me because the simple lessons learned from the the games we played made the effort worth while.

With over 1,000 games available it will take years for my kids to loose interest in Plays which is why I encourage Parents to check this entertaining and educational resource out!

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