Mom needs some ME Time

For a lot of reasons that I have yet to figure out I am not adjusting to the “New Normal” and need quick and easy options when Mom needs some ME Time. 

I’m not looking for a book to read or a glass of Wine to drink, I just want some activity to use as a mental escape.

When Mom needs some ME Time – how do you find it?

Its a “no brainer” go to Google search and search for Online Games and I found and hundreds of free games to play.

Who doesn’t like solitaire?

It’s perfect for a 10 minute break.

Save it your bookmarks and come back to revisit over and over.

I found Pyramid Solitaire which offers the complexity I need

I like it because the difficulty level increases with each row and the points you gain with each row increases significantly.

Makes me feel talented if I can get 50% of the possible 1,255 points lol.

The quick win is to click on Kings and grab points early.

Mom needs some ME Time -

This screen shot shows that I gained 40 points but it took me 3:47 . . . which is horribly slow. But this is a secret between me and my 40,000 +/- readers.

Each game you play you will find your score and points increasing.

I continue to work at increasing my speed without stressing over results.

Before I know it I see my score increasing and my speed surprising me.

If you can finish the game you will score bonus points . . . Wahoo !!

The maximum score is set to 999 and the counter automatically subtracts a point for each second you play the game.

So for example if you score 999 points and it takes you 6 minutes and 40 seconds the game will subtract 400 seconds from your total to get a final score of 599.

Time is the only enemy in this game.

It does take some concentration which is what I need to stop thinking about the junk that makes up a big part of our “New Normal”.

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