Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar

The easiest way to decorate any cake with as little effort as possible falls into the hands of marshmallow fondant.  It’s easy to make and can take a cake or cupcake from bland and boring to inspirational and decorative.  It’s easy to color and even easier to use.  This versatile method of decorating is the perfect choice for any at-home baker that wants to add that professional touch to their baking.  From rolling it out flat and covering your cakes to cutting out shapes to adorn your baking, this is always my go-to marshmallow fondant recipe with powdered sugar when my kids Birthdays are around the corner.

Unlike traditional fondant this fondant is much sweeter and doesn’t dry out as fast making it the perfect choice for any weather or location!

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar


2 tablespoons water
40 large marshmallows
4 cups icing sugar, plus more if needed
food coloring

Add the water to a large pot on low-med heat and add the marshmallows. 
Stir constantly until all the marshmallows have melted and remove from the heat.  If you are only making one color of fondant now is the time to add your choice of coloring, add enough to make it one shade darker than what you want.  It will fade some after you add the icing sugar. 
If you are using more than one color it is recommended that you wait until after it has been made. 
Mix the color through until it’s even.  
Add one cup of icing sugar into the pot of melted marshmallow and mix through. 
Dump the remaining 3 cups of icing sugar into a flat pile on the counter and pour the marshmallow onto the icing sugar.  Begin to work the marshmallow into the icing sugar, constantly flipping it so it doesn’t stick to your counter.  Knead the fondant until it is no longer sticky to the touch.  You can use butter on your hands to help it not stick to your hands during this process.

Once it’s fully kneaded pat the outside with the icing sugar and cover with plastic wrap until you’re ready to use it.

To add colors after you have made your fondant just cut a piece of the fondant off and poke a deep hole into the fondant.  Add your food coloring to the hole and fold it in half, food coloring on the inside.  Begin kneading the fondant until the color is even throughout. 

How To Use Fondant

You can use marshmallow fondant just like play-doh!  Cover your work surface in icing sugar and roll it out thin to layer over your iced cakes for a professional touch or use it to sculpt characters to go on your cake or cupcakes.   

Use a dab of water on the fondant pieces to make them stick together to create layered effects.

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar Marshmallow Fondant Recipe With Powdered Sugar   
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