30+ Ways You Can Turn Your Day Around

It only takes seconds to turn your day around, seconds to take your from feeling like the worst mom to make you feel like the best, or at least a better mom. We will offer Ways You Can Turn Your Day Around.

30+ Ways You Can Turn Your Day Around

30+ Ways You Can Turn Your Day Around

It only takes a few minutes to turn your day from bad to go. Take a deep breath, take action, and turn your day around, even if it only lasts a few minutes.

  1. Give an Eskimo kiss
  2. Start a tickle fight
  3. Say “You’re so kind.”
  4. Say “I like the way you did that.”
  5. Race the grocery cart down an empty aisle
  6. Take a deep breath and count to five together
  7. Ask “What are you thankful for today?”
  8. Dance in the car at a stoplight
  9. Race to the nearest tree
  10. Give a hug
  11. Make shadow puppets on the wall
  12. Bring your child iced tea or hot chocolate just because
  13. Have a silly face contest
  14. Sing the ABC song as fast as you possibly can
  15. Make funny animal sounds
  16. Watch an ant hard at work
  17. Splash in a puddle
  18. Doodle a silly drawing
  19. Share a piece of chocolate
  20. Play a speed round of Simon says
  21. Help them find a book to read
  22. Jump on the bed together
  23. Write down Grandma’s phone number and let them call her
  24. Rub their back
  25. Give a silly wink
  26. Whistle a tune
  27. Do the “wheelbarrow” walk
  28. Tell a jokeGive a high five
  29. Have a dance party
  30. Sing together as loud as you can
  31. Cuddle up for a movie and popcorn
  32. Say “I love you.”

Do you have a special way that you turn your day around? Something special to do with your kids?

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