Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft

 Diy Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft

Mardi Gras is right around the corner and what better way to entertain your little ones by making a DIY Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft? Although you may regret making this craft (due to the noise it is sure to make for days to come), you will have a great time making this easy and fun Mardi Gras craft with your child. 

Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft supplies:
Glue Dots or glue, stapler, embellishments, stickers, feathers, bells, rice, and a paper plate.
Feel free to use any other craft supplies to make yours unique. 

DIY Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft Supplies

Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft Supplies

Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft Steps:
Please supervise small children when making and playing with this craft.

First, fold your paper plate like a taco and fill the inside with rice and bells. This is what will make the noise. I encourage adults to do this next step: staple the plate together so the contents stay put during all the noise making. 

DIY Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft

Once the plate is secured properly, decorate your noise maker by gluing on feathers and placing stickers all over! Take it one step further and have your child paint or color their craft. I have a toddler that doesn’t sit still so we did not paint or color ours; however, older kids may have a longer attention span to make their noise maker decorative.   

Although my toddler is too young to make the noise maker, she enjoyed placing the embellishments on her craft. She loved feeling the texture of the feathers and exploring the shapes and colors throughout. This craft kept her entertained for longer than a minute. That’s a win in my book! 

Diy Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft

Fast forward to an hour later and she was still playing with her Mardi Gras noise maker while eating a snack. She is such a multi-tasker already!  

DIY Kids Mardi Gras Noise Maker Craft

The craft we made may not be the fanciest and prettiest, but that is the great thing about children. They do not care what toys look like as long as it makes noise and is fun!  The crafts that we make together will always be perfect in my eyes no matter how crazy they turn out in the end. 

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