How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

If you have been following us on Instagram, you might have seen a big change that has happened in my life over the last few week. In the first week of March, I quit my corporate 9-5 job to pursue blogging on a full-time basis. There have been a lot of changes made in my home because of this choice but the most drastic has been the home office.

The home office was a dumping ground for anything and everything we didn’t want people to see. Since we moved into the #totsreno house a year ago, we refinished the floors (the floors were previously coated in yellow paint) but that had been the extent of its transformation. There was putty over holes on the wall and more than one spider web. 

Not exactly a comfortable working environment.

I do not like spending a lot of money so, being mindful of budget, I set out to transform the office from gross to homey. The walls were painted in a rich, navy colour to hide imperfections in the panelling. Furniture was repurposed from other rooms for lots of storage. We were able to take my daughter’s old change table and use it in this room.

We also took an old carpet that was in great condition and cut it down to become an area rug. It has worked perfectly and kept the office floor just a little warmer as it is so cold outside. 

How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable


It has been the little things that have really turned this office around. I’ve hung art prints featuring some of my favourite shows. I also have a large piece with the quote ‘Aim High & Dream Big’. I am able to walk into the room and feel like I am home.

One splurge I wanted for my office was fresh cut flowers. I have always loved the idea of having fresh flowers in my space. Since my husband is sensitive to scents I am not able to have them in main living areas.

Because I live so remotely I am not able to access fresh flowers in the winter time, with the nearest town some 45 minutes away. Once spring comes, I will be able to pick from my garden but I wanted an option in the meantime.

Air Wick® found a solution to my problem. They sent me an Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray. They sent me two scents: Mom’s Baking (which really smells like apple pie) and Summer Delights. Summer Delights was exactly what I was looking for.

How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

When I was growing up, my mother always had the most beautiful gardens. (She still does, in fact.) We lived in a few different houses and it did not matter if we had a large garden or small, she would always be puttering in flower pots and hanging baskets in any nook or cranny. My mother never stuck with any one flower; she would pick whatever she liked and plant it. My favourite part of Summer Delights is its combination of scents (white florals, melon and vanilla) reminds me of my mother’s gardens. I was not given the green thumb gene— gardening does not relax me—but I am now able to enjoy the experience without any of the work.

The scents last a long time and if you are using the spray on a small area I would suggest using it on the lowest setting. Our home office is upstairs and my husband mentioned he was able to smell the scent as soon as he walked in the home. Maybe next time I will use the Mom’s Baking scent so he thinks I was slaving away in the kitchen all day.

With a few small tweaks and just a little work the home office really become a part of the home.

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