Fitting in Exercise

I’ve read this quote a few times on Pinterest: “You’re only one workout away from a good mood”. I’m unable to find the original source for this quote. This is true for me though. Crappy mood = crappy eating, lazy day, etc. Great mood = workout, healthy eating, etc. Exercise and eating right make me a functioning and happy mother and wife.

Fitting in Exercise

Fitting in exercise with young children isn’t always easy, and eating healthy can be a struggle too. It can be tempting to take a couple pieces of whatever it is you’re giving your child or just grab something quick.

Start by getting on track by planning your meals and snacks for the day. In the morning take a look in the fridge, plan what you’re going to have for lunch, for a morning and afternoon snack. Planning ahead this way means you’re less likely to make unhealthy choices.

While eating healthy is a great first step, and often a big struggle, adding exercise can be more of a mental challenge: to not stop at the first ache, when you start breathing hard, to work through the sore muscles. Start slow and build yourself up.

A great full body moving workout is dancing. Turn on the radio, music station and dance the calories away. If you have young children at home get them dancing with you, they love it and usually won’t let you sit it out after one song. Get your body moving and work up a sweat. Dance around while vacuuming and loading/unloading the dishwasher.

There are a number of core workouts that you can do with babies as well.

  • Bridges with baby on your belly.
  • Plank over baby.
  • Squats with baby in your arms.
  • Lungs with baby in your arms.
  • Leg raises with baby lying beside you. 
  • Let’s not forget a great source of exercise: walking. Instead of driving down the street, or just a relaxing slow, or fast, paced walk with baby in a stroller.

How do you fit in exercise? Share your tips with our readers below.

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