Establishing A Bedtime Routine

Establishing A Bedtime Routine

I don’t think there are too many children that look forward to naptime or bedtime, they fight it for all their worth, though I can’t understand why, I would love to have a nap most days or get to go to bed early.

Establishing a bedtime routine helps little ones and parents alike.

It also helps to know what time is the best time for them to be going to bed. Too early and they aren’t ready to settle down late, too late and they are going to be getting cranky, which leads to more trouble than needed, an overtired child is going to fight bedtime just as much as a child not yet ready to go down.

Plus did you know, children need to get anywhere from 9 -12 hours of sleep a night depending on their age? If you’re putting them to bed too late, you’ll be waking them early, before they have gotten enough sleep for growing bodies and brains.

Establishing A Bedtime Routine

How we get our routine started:

A snack.

Full tummies sleep and rest better. Your child won’t wake up early due to hunger pains. Remember to think healthy, no junk food before bed for growing bodies.

Pajamas on.

Clean cleans, warm enough for cool nights or light enough for warm ones.

Brush teeth.

We take a daily multi-vitamin and vitamin d (as recommended by our doctor) and brush our teeth.


Help prevent the “I gotta go potty” by doing so before bed.


Just like needing to go to the bathroom, they are always thirsty looking for a drink to help keep themselves awake. Limit the amount they drink or they will be up to use the bathroom.

A story.

Reading a story together, or reading to your child(ren).

Hugs and kisses.

Last minute cuddles.

Lights out.

Just because it doesn’t work the first night doesn’t mean you should give up and try something different. Keep up with it. Time and repetitiveness will help. Most kids thrive on routine, knowing what is coming next, and being able to prepare themselves.

Routines also help parents out, so that they’re not fighting with a cranky, overtired, child.

Do you have good routines for bedtime? Or for other transitions such as going to school or childcare.

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