Baby Wearing Benefits from a Mama’s Perspective

Baby Wearing Benefits from a Mama’s Perspective

Baby wearing is one of my favorite things in the world.  Having worn every single one of my three children, I can attest to the fact that there are a lot of benefits to baby wearing.  There are so many different ways to wear a baby (slings, wraps, soft structured carriers), but they all accomplish the same purpose:  Keeping baby close to mommy.  Here are my thoughts on Baby Wearing Benefits from a Mama’s Perspective:

It’s soothing to baby

Being close to mama (or papa) and cruising along with her while she’s going about her business can keep a baby very happy and relaxed.  My youngest would sleep all day in his carrier if I let him.  Babies just love being close to their mamas (or papas).

It’s a sanity saver

Like I mentioned, my youngest would sleep all day in a carrier, a fact that I take advantage of to get my housework or shopping done in peace.  Since baby knows where you are and feels safe, he’s not going to be “calling” you (aka crying).  You can get lots done with less interruptions.

It’s easier to chase after the older children

It really is so much easier to haul butt after my older kids with the littlest safe in his carrier.  I’m not afraid that I’m going to drop him.  And it leaves my hands free to hold little hands or the stuff that they’re supposed to be carrying.

It feels good!

My biggest reason for baby wearing is that it makes me feel good.  It’s so nice to have my little guy snuggled up against me.  Babies grow so quickly, I want to enjoy their being tiny as long as I can.  I love being able to bend my head down and kiss that little head while I’m vacuuming or shopping.  

What are your reasons for wearing your baby? Please give us your thoughts below!

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