6 Teacher Hacks: Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Teaching is among the most consuming and challenging jobs globally.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel like you’re doing too much but accomplishing less.

Every year, there is a set of students that require you to inspire and challenge them intellectually.

Schoolwork, paired with personal life challenges, can be overwhelming, and every teacher deserves a few hacks to help them work better.

So check out these 6 Teacher Hacks: Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Life Easier.

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Some brilliant teacher hacks include:

Develop strong routines

Every term is different and requires its routine.

As the term begins, set clear rules for yourself to help you get organized.

It will also enable you to get work done on time during weekdays and give you time to rest and be with family during weekends.

Plan your day, week, and term, and consider time blocking.

Evaluate what has worked previously for other teachers, and reuse it.

Also, ensure your goals are realistic and clear to help you focus.

Divide and organize your work

Every working day, there are tasks to tackle.

However, you can only do enough to avoid fatigue and mental stress.

With assignments, for example, divide them into: done checking, incomplete, and yet to be checked.

Get work bins, zip lock bags, and label shelves to make it easier for you to identify and organize your work.

Utilize technology

Technology came to make work easy, and it is advancing daily. Instead of doing everything manually, utilize technology.

Use apps to create a QR code for reading materials and contact information for parents and guardians.

Organize your lessons using a lesson planner to keep track of your objectives for every term.

Set competitions

An easy way to get students reading is by making them more competitive.

It could be essay writing competitions, answering technical questions on the board, or engaging in creative skits.

Use a countdown timer or visible stopwatch to ensure students keep time.

With competitions, you can cover more of the workload within a short period.

Get inspiration

When you’ve been teaching the same subject for years, it can be challenging to stay motivated.

For this reason, it is essential to get inspiration before every lesson by reading a book or watching TE-Ed lesson videos.

When you’re inspired, you’re able to generate the same for your students and make every teaching lesson enjoyable.

Another way to seek inspiration is by letting students ask questions and allowing them to suggest activities that will help them learn better.

Incorporate classroom décor with learning material

A vibrant classroom makes learning fun and teaching easier.

Use your creativity to decorate the classroom walls and ceiling with learning material.

These could be poetry charts, the solar system, and the world atlas.

In addition to décor, ensure the classroom is clean and organized, with minimal distractions.

Teaching standards are evolving, and teachers must utilize all resources to ensure they create more engaging lessons.

Develop a working routine early in the term, get daily inspiration, divide, and organize your work accordingly.

To avoid common health problems such as stress, fatigue, and eyestrain, utilize technology to your advantage.

Conversely, create other teaching moments through competitions and creative classroom décor.

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