5 Tips For Shopping With Toddlers

5 Tips For Shopping With Toddlers

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We have all been there, you are at the grocery store and your children throw a fit. You start to sweat, you feel all eyes are on you and embarrassment st
arts to set in. Shopping with toddlers does not have to be like this! Here are 5 tips that will allow you to hold your head high while shopping with your toddlers.

Get Organized

While making your shopping list try to write it according to the layout of your store. By placing items that are in the same aisle or location in your store can be a big time saver. You will find yourself less likely running back and forth from one end of the store to another.

Schedule Properly

Plan your trip according to your child’s nap and/or feeding schedule. There is nothing worse than a sleepy, cranky child in a store. Try to go to the store after your child has had a nap and has eaten a meal. They will be much more alert and less likely to have a meltdown.

Bring Snacks

Even if you have fed your child a meal and head off to the store, pack a small snack just in case. You never know when you will need to pull out that lollipop. Some grocery stores will give out snacks such as a cookie. My store does this and my kids look forward to it while shopping. It makes for happier kids because they know I will not get that cookie if they are not behaving.

Assign Helpers

If your child is old enough to help put them to work. Make your child a little list of their own that that they could help you shop with. Especially if your child is learning to read, this is a bonus. They are learning while helping and enjoy feeling like a grown up.

Stay Calm

It’s no surprise children can be unpredictable. The most important thing for you is to stay calm. If they see you losing your cool they will start to lose theirs. My kids know when mommy is about to lose it they always seem to act worse. Stay calm, take a deep breath and gain back control of the situation.

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