5 Tips To Raising Healthy Children

5 Tips To Raising Healthy Children

Raising healthy children in a world that is so busy, and everything seems to be scheduled for every minute is a challenge.

Eating right. Getting enough activity. Enough sleep. Enough down time to just be. Finding the balance for it all.

5 Tips To Raising Healthy Children

Base meals and snacks around whole foods, mostly vegetables and fruits.

Not only have healthy snack options for available such as apples, bananas, grape tomatoes, etc, but also in corporate vegetables into the meals. Carrots, salads, broccoli, etc. Check out the guide for how many serving per day of each food group.

Teach children what serving sizes look like.

Your plate doesn’t have to be full. For a quick reference here is a guide from Health Canada on serving sizes.

Make water your family’s drink of choice.

If you are getting enough fruit and vegetables, you don’t have to drink juice to make up for it, plus there is a lot of added sugar. It helps to have a glass or water bottle out for each person to encourage drinking water.

Make exercise a family activity and priority.

Instead of sitting down each evening to watch TV as a family, how about an evening walk, or a game of soccer, etc.

Getting enough sleep.

Children require a lot of sleep, on average about 10 – 12 hours a night. Getting all the extra energy out in the evenings playing with their family is a sure way to help them get a good night sleep, along with a routine and a bedtime.

Remember: your children do as you so, more so than they will do as you say. Let your children see you being healthy: getting enough sleep, being active, drinking enough water, and eating right.

Be the best role model you can for your children. Be healthy.

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