5 Must-Haves for Easter Brunch at Home

Who doesn’t love brunch at home?

Especially for Easter Sunday when crowds seem to flock to every restaurant in town, making the wait times insanely long.

Staying at home with family for an Easter celebration doesn’t take away from the fun and enjoyment of good food, good company, and even a great Easter egg hunt for the kids.

The best part about celebrating Easter at home is that you are on your own time and can fit in as many festivities as you’d like.

When you’re planning on hosting Easter at home this year, here are a few things you need to make sure it’s fun for the whole family.

girl wearing a twirl dress is a Must-Haves for Easter Brunch at Home


One of the things we all look forward to when it comes to Easter is seeing all of the fancy suits and dresses for Easter Sunday’s best.

Whether you dress to impress for church or Easter Brunch, that doesn’t have to change if you choose to celebrate at home.

Since kids tend to hit growth spurts faster than we can catch up, you’ll most likely need to shop for your little one. 

Girls’ twirl dresses at Presley Couture can be styled for Easter and can even be layered for the cooler spring days to come.

easter themed t-shirt is another Must-Haves for Easter Brunch at Home

Mom and dad can mix and match new pieces with old pieces to revamp old outfits if shopping for the whole family seems like a bit much.

If you want to take this time to celebrate it a little more casually, organic baby clothes at The Spunky Stork have Easter-themed tops for babies and toddlers so siblings can match together and even with mom and dad!

Easter themed table linens are one Must-Haves for Easter Brunch at Home

Table Linens and Décor

You can’t have Easter brunch without the décor.

Setting the table in an Easter theme is a great way to change the scenery at home to make it feel more festive.

Block print linens at August Table come in a variety of bright spring colors so you can have linen napkins wrapped in bunny, eggs, or carrot napkin ring holders and placed on each plate.

Their tablecloths are also a great way to mix and match the décor for a spring Easter feel.

Add some spring-colored candles, some bunny candle holders, some colorful eggs, some tulips, and you have all the elements for a perfect Easter table setting to gather around with the family and enjoy your favorite meal together.

Easter Eggs and Treats

One of the activities that kids look forward to is the annual Easter egg hunt.

These hunts are usually done before or after brunch, depending on how you celebrate.

When you’re celebrating at home, you’ll need to find a time where you can fill the Easter eggs and hide them.

This is easily done while while they are asleep the night before.

Make sure to fill each egg with their favorite treats and candies.

When your kids are younger, you’ll want to make sure to hide them in easy-to-find spaces.

And if your kids are a little older, you’ll have fun hiding them in hard-to-find areas.

It is advised that you should use different colors or styles of eggs so that your kids can make a distinction between whose who’s.

Egg dye kits

Another fun activity that kids have fun with is dying eggs.

Not only are these fun to decorate, but you can also eat them if made the morning of your brunch.

When you decide to decorate the night before make sure to keep them refrigerated afterward so you can still enjoy them at brunch whether it’s to eat them as part of your meal or to use as decoration for your festive table.


To make your brunch successful, you’ll need a little of everyone’s favorite food.

When you are not prone to splurge, this is the perfect excuse to do it.

Whether it’s prime rib, crab legs, lobster tails, and other favorites, be sure to get a little of each to share.

When it comes to kids, most of the time they love all breakfast foods so making a few of their favorites such as pancakes, bacon, potatoes or hash browns, fruit, and fruit juices, you can’t go wrong with breakfast.

Be sure to have a bottle of champagne in case mom and dad want to enjoy some mimosas together.

Planning is the key to a stress-free Easter at home.

Try to get all of your meal planning prepped and planned ahead of time, as well as any other activities you would like to do as a family.

That way you can enjoy the day instead of worrying about things that must be done.

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