5 Fun, Educational Games that Use Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter eggs + my house =
easter egg messa mess!

And after a month of the kids having a blast and me stepping on plastic Easter eggs, I am more than ready to put them away!

Of course, free play is always encouraged, but here are a few organized, fun ways to use those plastic eggs!


5 Fun, Educational Games that Use Plastic Easter Eggs! Use them for something besides candy!


Nesting–sorting sizes and colors of eggs.

Put the medium egg around the small egg and the large egg around the medium egg.


Nesting: encourages color recognition and child motor skills


This would encourage size and color recognition and also help with child motor skills.

It was hard for my 4 year old to close the eggs that I bought, but she was able to find the small, medium, and large eggs that were all the same color.  

I had to help close some of the eggs. 

  1. Plastic egg memory–color recognition and memory


Plastic egg memory game


We placed 2 jelly beans of the same color under different eggs.  

I had only 8 yellow eggs, so we had 4 matches in total.

They played memory!  

I let the kids eat the jelly beans if they won the match.  

My son is getting too old for the game as he learned he could see the colors of the jellybeans through the little holes in the eggs.

2) Alphabet Recognition — match uppercase and lowercase letters.  


Match Uppercase and lowercase letter game with plastic eggs


Place a capital letter on the top of the egg and a lowercase letter on the bottom of the egg.  

Have the children put the eggs together.

If you want to be really tricky, then use colors that don’t match.

3) Counting Money

Counting all the coins that equal $1.


I put $1 bill in one egg, 4 quarters in another egg, 10 dimes in another egg, 20 nickels in another egg, and 100 pennies in another egg.  

You can count all the different dollars by 25’s, 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s.  

They can see how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies are in an dollar.

4) Teach that 2 one halves equal one whole.


Two halves equal one whole


Plastic Easter eggs are perfect to demonstrate how two halves equal one whole.

What are some other ways that you use plastic Easter eggs?

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