Other Uses for Coconut Oil

Other Uses For Coconut Oil

You may have noticed all the hoopla about coconut oil recently. There are so many uses for this handy product.

Hair conditioner – Coconut oil is great for helping to condition suborn hair. You can use them on your scalp for a deep conditioning treatment but you really just need to use them on the ends of your hair. The reason for this is that the hair ends are where it breaks the most and it is the hardest to reach area for the natural oils to get to.

Itchy dog skin – Some dog breeds are prone to itchy skin. Coconut oil is ideal for helping skin that is dry or irritated. While it may not completely get rid of the dry skin, it will help greatly with the itching and scratching. You can give it internally or apply it externally. If you have a small dog breed, you want to use about 2 teaspoons and if you have a larger breed of dog, use a tablespoon.

Cold sore relief – Cold sores may be small in size but they can be a huge pain. There is currently no cure for cold sores but coconut oil can help. While it cannot get rid of the virus, coconut oil can reduce the spreading of it. There is an ingredient in coconut oil called lauric acid and can great something called monolaurin when combined with glycerol. Monolaurin has been known to stop the virus from spreading. Just apply some coconut oil right on the cold sores three or four times a day.

Diaper cream – Coconut oil is great for chapped baby bottoms. Coconut oil has amazing antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and is ideal for moisturizing and soothing diaper rash. You can try melting the coconut oil with shea butter and apply to the area that is affected.

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