I Made Bad Choices, Please Help #BeingKindCounts

I Made Bad Choices

I was challenged recently to perform an act of kindness. It got me thinking about how much kindness I show to the world each day. I Made Bad Choices. I clearly show kindness to my children and other family and friends, but what about strangers? 

Last week I saw a man. He was standing on a median with a sign that hit me.

I Made Bad Choices



I Made Bad Choices

It made me see that this man was really just a man. He could be my brother, or uncle. He started out innocent and loved and was now on the street begging for strangers to offer him a hand up (or a hand out). 

I handed him a $10 bill.

Would he go spend it on drugs or alcohol?

Maybe, probably.

Do I care?


I offered that man a bit of peace. Something to tell him that someone cared about him. It was easy and I felt good.

As I always do, I had my kids in the car. They asked me why I did that. I was given the opportunity to explain to them about kindness and giving and how we can show love to others. It was worth $10.


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