Signs That Your Child May Have Special Needs

There are many ways in which issues with children can manifest so as a parent it important to recognize signs that your child may have special needs.

image of young girl with her hands covering her eyes can be Signs That Your Child May Have Special Needs


You might not even think about it, but your child could have special needs.

Of course, it’s not easy to accept.

There might be a few developmental delays, but you won’t recognize that it’s due to a permanent disability.

Some signs will tell that your child might have medical issues, and you should see an expert. 

Lack of words at 16 months 

Babies start to speak a few words at 16 months.

Most of them are unintelligible, but they attempt to say something.

They use basic words to express themselves, and they feel glad when understood.

When your child doesn’t say a single word at this point, it’s a cause of concern.

You might have to consult with an expert. You can also connect with other parents.

Apps like will help you communicate with parents of children with special needs.

You can even talk to experts on how to address the problem.

It’s better to face the truth at this stage to find a way to get through it.

The problem might worsen later in life.

Lack of response when called

Children start to identify with their name earlier on.

Self-awareness begins by responding when called.

If there’s no response, no matter how you try, it could be a problem.

For some infants, it could be due to hearing disabilities.

Others might have neurological issues that prevent them from eliciting appropriate responses. 

Inability to focus on something

Children with ADHD have a hard time focusing on one thing.

They lose interest in what they’re doing easily.

They’re usually uneasy and love to move around frequently.

If you already tried different tasks and the responses remain the same, it could be a problem. 

Inability to connect with others

Children with special needs have a hard time maintaining social relationships.

They can’t interact well with others.

They prefer being alone.

They also like it when left undisturbed.

However, it can also be due to your child’s personality.

Some children are generally introverts, and they dislike playing around.

You might mistake one with the other, and it helps if you consult with an expert.

Trouble with holding a pen and writing

An early sign of learning disabilities is the inability to hold a pen correctly.

It also leads to trouble in writing letters and numbers.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has a special need.

When you provide support, it’s possible to reverse the problem.

However, if it continues despite interventions, you might need to see an expert. 

After seeing these signs, there’s no need to panic.

Children with special needs can still grow old and live a better life.

Try your best to provide support, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from other people.

You should also know what the government can provide services to assist parents of children with special needs.

You don’t need to shoulder the burden alone. Take it one step at a time and see where it leads you.

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