Tricks To Keep Your Sanity Over The Holidays

Tricks To Keep Your Sanity Over The Holidays

There are only a little over 5 weeks left before Christmas.  How crazy is that?  I can’t believe we were just starting a new school year and now it’s time for the Holidays.  Having 4 children at home and 3 of them being under the age of 10 there are times it feels as if they want it all when it comes to their Christmas Wish List.  Like most parents know there are several different levels of requests:

“I really like that”

Pretty Please?”

“I’ll be good if…”

“I NEED it!”

The first few years of having multiple children at home all with their own wants and wishes for the Holidays I admit I became ‘that woman‘ in the store arms and cart full the week before Christmas. I would have coupons and flyers in hand trying to get those Special Sales Prices and not at all happy about the Holidays.

Add to my shopping frustration that I also have 4 birthdays from the end of November through January I could easily become overwhelmed and even over-spent. It wasn’t until my oldest daughter was around 3 or 4 did I realize I needed a better process. I needed a plan.

Tricks To Keep Your Sanity Over The Holidays

Here are a few of the ‘tricks and tips’ I have learned that help me be the great Mom who may Christmas wished come true but still keep my sanity especially when my children want it all.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the week before Christmas thinking you’ll catch all the Great Deals

Everyone else is thinking the same thing

Waiting to long can risk the item being sold out

You also increase you chances of facing a mob all looking for the same deal

Start searching out deals a month prior

Use layaway: most stores offer special deals simply for buying early

Check online discount stores

They usually have the same items and quality at discounted prices

Know Your Children

Know what your child likes

Start your gift selections a early

Make note of items your children pay close attention to (commercials, stores, etc.)

Use Those Rewards!

All the reward points, birthday coupons and membership benefits you’ve racked up all year? Use Them!

I have saved up to $75 simply by using my rewards, points and coupons during the Holidays instead of throughout the year.

It’s Okay To Say ‘No’

Just because they want it all doesn’t mean they need it all

Make a major gift and minor gift list

I always allow 1-2 major gifts per child (anything between $50-100)

Then whatever else they get becomes a minor gift ($10-$20)

A great way to save money and still allow you child to get something they really want

Extend Christmas

Children don’t always need the hottest item as soon as it is released

The Holidays are when companies release their newest items

Most times these also include their newest bugs and malfunctions

Why not wait until after the Holiday for certain things?

Be sure they live up to the hype of the Holiday advertisements

I may not be the perfect holiday shopper just yet but I have learned that these tips have helped me take a lot of stress off my mind and my wallet as the Holidays approach and it seems as if my children want it all.

How do you handle the Holiday gift requests?

Do your children seem to want it all?

Are you a last minute shopper or a planner?

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