Tips For A Cross Country Road Trip

Tips For A Cross Country Road Trip

Traveling cross country is an exciting thing! You get to load up in your vehicle and travel across Canada. Keep in mind that traveling across the good old Canada and the USA is not an easy thing! You need to be prepared, especially if you have kids.

Check out these cross country road trip tips:

Set a budget

If you’re going to be traveling cross country, you need to know what you can spend. Gas, healthy food, and hotels will be your biggest costs, plan accordingly.

The car must be in working order

Most people who travel cross country take their own car. This is why your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape. You cannot expect to make it far if you haven’t given your car a proper oil change. Give your car a little TLC before you leave on your cross-country road trip.

Bring lots of music

When it comes down to being in a car for an extended period of time, you should really focus on bringing good music. If you’re bringing someone with you, it won’t hurt to allow them to play their favorite music from time to time. However, keep in mind that the driver always has dibs.

Prepare to stop frequently

If you have children in your car, you should expect to stop every 1-2 hours. Kids have small bladders and little legs; they need to get out to stretch quite frequently. Stopping often also allows you to have a chance to regroup. Driving can take a lot out of you.

Be prepared to talk to yourself

If you are trying ways to stay awake while driving, singing and talking to yourself are both great ways. When you’re in the car, talking to yourself is completely normal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bring a cell phone charger with you

Always have your phone completely charged whenever you’re heading on a cross-country road trip.

Use GasBuddy to plan your stops

While going on a cross-country road trip can be expensive, you can always look for the best prices when you use GasBuddy.

Limit your distractions

Driving for long periods of time makes you numb to what’s going on around you. Make sure you limit your distractions so you can stay focused on the road.

Driving cross country is an exciting mix of emotions. While you may be exhausted from the thought of traveling so long and far, think of everything you will do and see on your way.

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