To Nap or Not To Nap…When It’s A No Brainer!

To Nap or Not To Nap…When It’s A No Brainer!

My youngest son has been on the anti-nap campaign for nearly a year now. He is only 3 and despite his protest that he is a ‘big boy’ there are certain situations and circumstances when to nap or not to nap isn’t even a question, it’s a no brainer!

Long Day Ahead

When I know that we are going to have a day that will keep us from home for more than a couple hours I insist on squeezing in a nap sometime before we leave. There have even been times when I have planned in enough travel time to allow for one of those oh so blessed car naps, you know the ones that no child can resits. I mean seriously, who needs a public exhaustion meltdown? Not this Momma.

Late Night Adventures

School plays, recitals or parent meetings unfortunately start in the evening and end even later in the evening. THis can be a real issue when you have a toddler in tow and no sitter available. This is always cause for a pre-event nap. About an hour or two before we have to be there I always make sure a nap happens. At least then all I need to worry about is boredom setting in instead of a bored and tired toddler

MidDay Crankiness

You know those days when all your child seems to do is stay upset. They are irritable, cranky and just feel off? Nothing is right, everything is wrong and they don’t even know why. Even worse is when he begins to pick fights and start lashing out at his siblings. Days like these I know what the problem is: a nap is needed! No if ands or butts… 🙂

No Brainer

Then there are the wonderful moments when my Buddie needs no convincing or tricking to take a nap. He simply climbs on my lap and declares “I’m tired.” Nap time became a no brainer for him and a Win-Win for me!

How old were you children when you stopped enforcing a strict nap time?

What are your child’s signs that a nap is needed?

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