How to Make a Removable Treadmill Desk with Stuff you Already Have Around the House

Make a Removable Treadmill Desk

Make a Removable Treadmill Desk

The recent purchase of a treadmill for our family has proven to be a hit for the past week or so.

But with a more-work-to-do than a 24-hour clock allows wife, time on the treadmill is taking valuable time away from business and blogging. And she works out of the house too.

We made a deal prior to the purchase: I was to build her, for as minimal cost as possible, a desk to fit treadmill so she could work and check emails (read: multitask) and start walking.

Here’s what I did.

I repurposed an old shelf I had bought for another project. After it was damaged, I couldn’t use it for that job and, being damaged, I couldn’t return it. So it sat in the basement for about two years before this project came along.

At nine inches wide and 60 inches long, it was a perfect fit for a desk.

So out came the reciprocating saw. After measuring the width of safety rails for the treadmill, I added three inches to both sides.

How to Make a Removable Treadmill Desk with Stuff you Already Have Around the House

Materials You Need

From the scrap wood left over, I cut 1.5” slabs to bracket the rails of the treadmill.

Rather than bother with measurements for this project, I laid the wood across the rails and marked where my wooden brackets had to be installed.

I predrilled where my screws needed to so, since thinner wood like shelving is more likely to split.

Once everything was screwed, the next job was finding a way to secure the desk to the treadmill. The challenge was finding a removable system.

The eureka moment came when remembered seeing a hole-cutting drill bit earlier in the day.

How to Make a Removable Treadmill Desk with Stuff you Already Have Around the House

Final Steps

So I drilled two one-inch holes in the desk along handrails of the treadmill. I cut an old RCA cable in half, cutting the metal ends off as well, and used that as the fastening device.

Eighteen inches of wire per side is plenty to hold the desk to the treadmill.

Total cost of the project: $0 out of pocket as everything I used was already at home or repurposed.

Total time invested: About an hour.

Difficulty level (out of 5): 1.

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