How To Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

How To Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower


Baby showers are a joyous event to celebrate the new addition to a family, circle of friends and to the world.

Why not celebrate it in an amazing way that can help out the environment as well!

Here are some great ways to throw an awesome baby shower while helping to keep the planet beautiful for their new little angel.


How To Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

1. Eco invites

There is a great debate in the Eco world about what is the most Eco-Friendly Baby Shower option, so rather than debating this I will go over a few great options for you!

– E-invites. There are many websites out there that allow you to make, create and send invitations to your guest’s right over the internet saving paper and ink.

You can even design them to match your baby shower theme.

Alternatively you can also go onto a website, such as, and design them yourself and then email the invitation.

– Recycled paper invitations.

Another great option if you prefer to have a keepsake for your guests to hold onto.

Some companies out there can make these for you if you don’t have the time to make them yourself, or you can easily find recycled paper at most craft stores to make your own or even in different fibres such as cotton or bamboo.

Add some drawings, words and a bow on the top to make it all your own.


2. The gift wrapping.

Encouraging your friends and family that attend your Eco-Friendly Baby Shower to leave out the shiny wrapping on the gifts is a great way to help out the environment.

These items cannot be recycled and typically get ripped and can’t be reused.

If you want to use something shiny then a gift bag is the way to go so that it can be reused over and over!

Kraft paper is a wonderful alternative to wrapping paper as is jute bags as well as bags made from baby items such as clothes, cloths and towels. 


Here are some great ways to throw an awesome eco-friendly baby shower while helping to keep the planet beautiful for their new little angel.


3. Gift Registry.

Although many advise against opening a gift registry so your guests don’t feel obligated to purchase the items that are on it, you can open a registry at an Eco friendly store!

If you don’t have a organic or Eco store in your city you can always check out your local big box store.

Many of them now carry great lines of clothing and items that are just as great for the environment as they are for your little one. 

When asking for gifts keep in mind cost. 

Save the big ticket items for when you can purchase them (or ask your parents), for friends cloth diapers, wipes, cloths, towels, clothes and glass bottles are a great request that will be sure to get used!


4. Location.

Why not throw your party somewhere where the theme matches the environment!

Outside in your backyard, at the beach or the park.

Possibly in a local flower garden if you’re lucky enough to live by one!

Check the weather before you make this decision and always hold a back-up plan just in case possibly at a local food-to-table or organic restaurant.


Here are some great ways to throw an awesome eco-friendly baby shower while helping to keep the planet beautiful for their new little angel.

5. Decorating.

This is one of the most fun parts of preparing for the Eco-Friendly Baby Shower and it doesn’t have to be hard on our planet to be beautiful.

Instead of balloons why not use paper streamers that can be recycled after?

Paper lanterns or paper puff balls!

Many of these can also be found in a biodegradable option as well.

Flower arrangements can be used to decorate the area and candles can be used as centerpieces.

Not allowed to bring candles?

How about some flower petals in a bowl of water or bamboo shoots in a bowl.

If you choose to use flowers you can also send these home with guests as favors! 

If you’re wanting to use a banner you can also make one, or purchase one, made from cloth!


Here are some great ways to throw an awesome eco-friendly baby shower while helping to keep the planet beautiful for their new little angel.

6. Tableware.

Using dishes that can be reused are the way to go.

Yes, it adds to the dish pile after the party, but it also saves our landfills from Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils.

You can find some fabulous alternatives out there now that are biodegradable and made from bamboo, wood or corn fibres.

Some of these options are even good for one use if you really don’t want to do dishes, and who can blame you!


7. Recycle bins.

Don’t forget to add recycle bins for your guests to use while at the party for their gift wrap, tableware, or anything else they may need them for.


8. Games.

This is a big part of how people spend their time at a baby shower.

Here are some fun Eco-Friendly Baby Shower games you can play!

-Guessing game. 

Place a bunch of baby items into a bag and have guests put their hand into the bag and try to guess what each item is before they pull it out and reveal if they are right or not.

Each item will get used by Mom and baby once the shower is over, so nothing is going to waste!

Whoever gets the most right wins!

-Baby Pictionary. 

Baby Pictionary is always fun. 

Take turns drawing items relating to a baby and have everyone else guess what it is. 

You can use a dry erase board or a chalkboard to save on the amount of paper that you use.

If you use paper be sure to recycle it or use recycled paper!

-Baby Bump. 

Guess the size of Moms belly with a piece of yarn or wool.

You can also find string that is made from cotton or bamboo fibers.

-Organic onesie painting.

Who doesn’t love getting creative!

You can also find organic paints made from items you would find in nature or natural dyes for tie-dye.

-Guess who the baby is game.

This game involves each guest to bring a photo of themselves as a baby to the shower.

Lay them out on the table and have each guest guess try to match up each photo with the right person.

-Decorate the bottle.

This is a fun twist on painting the onesie.

Supply each guest with a glass bottle, or one that is at least BPA-free, for them do decorate with permanent markers, jewels, gems or anything else you can think of.

Although this doesn’t have to be a competition, you can have guests anonymously vote for their favorite.

-Decorate a diaper or diaper cake!

Same idea as the previous, but with a cloth diaper or if you prefer disposable you can offer each guest 3-5 diapers to create their own diaper cake.

Supply Eco-Friendly Baby Shower decorating supplies for them to decorate the diapers with.

For the cloth diaper you can even supply appliques in fun pictures and letters for them to add.

Diapers will always get used so making games with them, that doesn’t destroy them, is always a bonus!


Here are some great ways to throw an awesome eco-friendly baby shower while helping to keep the planet beautiful for their new little angel.

9. Favors for guests.

It’s always wonderful saying thank you to your friends and family for attending your celebration.

Here are some fabulous Eco-Friendly Baby Shower guest favors to consider offering them!

-Reuse the décor. 

The flowers that you decorated your party with are a great way to say thank you!

And you get to use them twice – Trees.

Find little saplings at your local plant store.

Gifting these to your guests is a great idea as they can plant them once they get home and help contribute to the beautiful green earth.


Find flower or vegetable seeds where you can customize the packets to match the theme of your party.

Why not help out the bees with some new flowers, or your dinner plate with some new veggie options for people to plant!


Many towns have great little shops or bistros that offer organic candies, truffles, chocolates or other little bites of yumminess.

I have yet to meet someone that wouldn’t greatly appreciate an edible favor!


10. Guest book.

You can find guest books made with recycled paper which are absolutely beautiful.

Alternatively I recently saw this adorable idea that can be made for a wedding, so why not a baby shower!

It includes a double sided picture frame and adorable little wooden hearts for your guests to write on. 

Each heart is then placed inside the frame. 

A beautiful keepsake!

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