Got A Crypto Stash? Visit These Countries To Spend It

Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm so ask yourself – Got A Crypto Stash?

As we speak, many of the world’s leading currencies are exploding in value.

Driving these developments is the fact that you can use crypto anywhere.

Unlike the old days, you no longer have to convert between one currency and another when you travel to a foreign destination.

Instead, you can use a universal medium of exchange people will accept, wherever you happen to go in the world.

When it comes to accepting crypto, not all countries are equal.

However, some are friendlier than others.


Got A Crypto Stash? Visit Japan To Spend It

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Want to start buying Bitcoin or selling Ripple? If so, Japan could be the place to do it.

Currently, the country is the world’s most progressive crypto nation and has massively deregulated the use of such currencies in its attempt to create a new global paradigm.

For instance, if you travel to Japan, you can use crypto in more than 10,000 businesses across the country, including Rakuten, which is the Japanese version of Amazon.


Got A Crypto Stash? Visit Switzerland To Spend It

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Switzerland has always been quite liberal when it comes to bank accounts and currencies.

Unlike other European nations, it doesn’t use the euro, preferring instead to maintain the Swiss franc.

The country is currently the commercial hub for crypto exchange.

And you can use digital currencies to buy items in most shops in Geneva and Zurich if you travel to the region.


Do you want to take a vacation in Singapore and have a lot of cryptocurrency burning a hole in your pocket?

If so, you’re in luck. In the city-state, you’re allowed to exchange and trade cryptocurrencies how you like.

The country’s monetary authority has taken a soft approach to the currency and applies only a thin regulatory framework for how you’re supposed to use it.

Most travellers will remain completely unaffected by the rules.


Got A Crypto Stash? Visit Portugal To Spend It

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In many ways, Portugal is the most liberal country in Europe.

It is still one of the only countries in the world to allow the sale of hemp-containing products.

And it has some of the freest business rules anywhere in the region.

The Portuguese tax authority has made some special rules that make the use of cryptocurrency much easier in the country.

Bringing digital currencies into the country won’t automatically trigger VAT, meaning that you don’t have to pay for the privilege of using the money in your pocket.

And crypto is treated in the same way as regular government money in accounting, helping to make it easier to keep track of any taxes you owe.

The average cafe in Lisbon does not accept digital currencies yet, but a large number of private firms in the country do.

Some will even offer discounts for those paying in crypto instead of regular currencies.

South Korea

South Korea is famous for its incredible food and unique approach to music.

But it is also well-known in the crypto world for its numerous exchanges where you can buy and sell digital currencies.

Currently, it has the third-largest market for bitcoin in the world.

Before you travel remember to pack your DSLR camera, your Passport and get Travel Insurance.


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