Getting Tricky With Your Picky Eater

Getting Tricky With Your Picky Eater

I honestly think I must be the only parent in the world who has kids who don’t like Peanut Butter, Jelly, Pizza OR French Fries! You read it right – French Fries! So okay, I know I’m not the only one but when you want to try and give your child a healthy meal and sometimes it needs to be quick and easy but you’ve been blessed with a picky eater (lol) sometimes you have to learn how to get a bit tricky. 

Take Away The Pick

Sometimes giving a child too many options just leads to giving a Mom too many problems. I’ve learned that limiting my child’s choices tends to give them a bit of a guide to what they should eat. Instead of setting out or offering 5 options for lunch they will have 2. I make sure both are healthy and balanced but interests their tastes at the same time. This makes it easier for me and doesn’t overwhelm them with what they should pick.

Make It Fun!

I have become a Pro at disguising my kids healthy food as fun food. It can be as easy as picking colorful foods like carrots, broccoli, bananas, grapes, colored pastas, etc. They get so distracted with how fun the food looks they forget that it’s good for them too. I even go as far as to make the plating of the food fun. I have collected a variety of character and unique plates. From trays with different sections to cups of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the presentation does really matter – even with kids.

Have A Sweet Ending

I know, I know. Sugar is the devil as far as parents are concerned because all we think about most times is the sugar high and the unavoidable sugar low BUT all sugar isn’t bad! I agree, fake sugar or processed sugars are not what you want to make a regular part of your child’s diet. Oh but the natural. Natural sugar is so good when done in right. Giving your child a sweet end to their meal with a treat based from fruit can give your child something to look forward to or ‘earn‘ by eating. Things like fresh fruits, smoothies, milkshakes even a bit of sherbet is a chance to offer a sweet ending to any healthy meal.

*Bonus* Hold The Juice

When I was growing up I never understood why my Grandmother always insisted I drank very little juice or water during my meal. I always had to save the majority of my sipping for when I was done. Yet now I totally undertsand. Drinking a lot during or even before a meal can lead to a false sense of being full. This will trick your child into thinking they aren’t even hungry. So hold the juice. Let them sip but be sure they save the gulps for the end. This way they will fill those little bellies with nutritional goodness and not just juice.

How have you learned to trick your picky eater? 

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