Saving Money Tips When Buying In Bulk

Saving Money Tips When Buying In Bulk

Buying in bulk can be a great way to save on your household budget. There are plenty of items that you can score for a great bargain, but there are also things you want to avoid, bigger does not always mean better.

Saving Money Tips When Buying In Bulk

Armed with a few tips you can truly maximize your savings when buying in bulk.

Skip the paper products – you are not getting the best deal when buying paper items in bulk. Sure one package may save you a few trips to the store but I assure you, once you break down the price per roll your better off catching them on sale at a drugstore or supermarket. Plus when paired with a coupon at those stores you’ll score an even better deal.

Which brings me to the next point. 

Check your bulk stores coupon policy – I know over the years there has been some debate whether or not these stores accept coupons. Most have their own store coupon which is a much higher value than regular printable or manufacture coupons. These are mailed to you or located as soon as you walk into the store. However, most bulk stores do not accept manufacturer coupons. You could be missing out on a ton of savings.

Know your family’s needs – meats, snacks, waffles and some condiments like ketchup are a few staple bulk buys for me lately. I have learned what I can buy without it going bad or spoiling in my house. Know your family if they eat a lot of cereal you know it won’t go to waste.

Diapers and baby items – I have found these always to be a great deal! When my kids were babies this was the main reason we joined a bulk store. The bulk store we shop is Bjs wholesale and they offer a high-value money saving Bjs coupon every month paired with their prices in diapers can not be beat, I am even comparing that to a sale price at a drug store or a grocery store.

What are your tips for buying in bulk?

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