7 Items Essential For Travel With Little Ones

7 Items Essential for Travel with Little Ones

Traveling with little ones takes on a whole new level of preparing. Taking your child on an adventure of a lifetime is a great way to enhance their knowledge of different cultures, broaden their horizon, and get them interested in more than just TV and video games, but it is important to prepare wisely.

Here are 7 essentials for traveling with little ones:


Let’s face it; long trips can be boring to little eyes. The excitement will be there when you get to your destination, but the long trip there seems to take years for little ones. Find games they will enjoy such as apples to apples, go fish, or other travel games to keep them occupied.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are always great ways to break the time up. Have a coloring contest, do activities in the coloring books, or just enjoy a quiet moment. Coloring books with keep your little ones entertained and content.
Reading Books: Don’t just get regular school reading books, here. Get some books that get your little ones excited about where you are going. For example, if you are going to Florida, find reading books about Florida, the fun activities in Florida, or the many amusement parks available in Florida. Help them see what they are waiting for.


Don’t forget a blanket. Whether it is a chilly plane ride or a cool breeze in the car, you don’t want to hear, “I’m cold” in that whiney voice.


Whether you’re going on a long trip on a plane or in the car, it’s always a good idea to have a little nap time. Pass out a pillow and a blanket and have your little ones rest their eyes. This will help prevent irritability from being overtired and over stimulated.

Favorite Stuffed Toy

Never; I repeat, never forget the favorite toy! You will not hear the end of it until the trip is over and the toy is safely in your little ones arms.


Whether flying or driving, it is always wise to bring snacks. You never know when someone will get hungry. Hunger, exertion, and over stimulation don’t go over well in a cramped space. So, take the advice, and be prepared with snacks of all kinds.

Little ones can be a little harder to entertain on long trips, but as long as you bring these 7 essential items, you are sure to have a much smoother trip with your little one.

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