10 Ways to Have a Fun Summer with Your Kids

As the weather warms, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to have a fun summer with your kids! Once school is out, there’s a lot less pressure on kids (and parents!) and it’s a perfect opportunity to have some quality family time.

While we definitely want to encourage learning, especially so we can avoid the dreaded “summer slide“, we also want our kids to have a memorable summer before school resumes in the fall. To make this break the best one yet, try these 10 ways to have a fun summer with your kids!

10 Ways to Have a Fun Summer with Your Kids

10 Ways to Have a Fun Summer with Your Kids

1. Go on a playground tour.

Make it a goal to visit every local playground in your city over the break. You’ll get a chance to try out some new parks and your kids will get to see your city!

2. Enroll in your local library’s summer reading program.

Summer reading programs are fun for kids of all ages! Children can read new books, build their vocabularies, and win fun prizes!

3. Have some water fun.

If you live near a water park, plan a visit. If you don’t, try out some local splash pads, outdoor pools, or just put a sprinkler in your backyard!

4. Take your kids camping.

Summer is a great season for camping! Sure, the bugs are out, but the weather is great and the nights are cool and relaxing. Invest in a comfortable tent and some flashlights to have a game of “Flashlight Tag”!

5. Make your backyard into the ultimate playground.

You can make your backyard fun, even if you don’t have a swing set! Plant a garden with your kids, play classic outdoor games such as “Freeze Tag” and “Tug of War”, or blow bubbles!

6. Throw a block party.

Talk with a few of your neighbors, especially those that have children, and plan a neighborhood block party! Everyone can bring a dish and the kids can draw on the sidewalks, ride bicycles, or have sing-alongs!

7. Plan a road trip.

Road trips don’t have to be long vacations. Make a day trip to a point of interest you’ve always wanted to explore and pack a lunch! Play fun car ride games along the way such as “I Spy”.

8. Explore nature.

Hand out magnifying glasses and let the kids explore nature – from a close-up perspective! Take them out in the backyard or to local parks and challenge them to find as many animal and plant species as they can.

9. Visit a new local attraction.

Has your town opened a new attraction? Is there a local museum, park, or theme park that you’ve never visited? Head out there with your kids and take plenty of pictures!

10. Watch a movie outdoors.

Check the events calendar in your city to find an outdoor movie night near you. If there isn’t one, make your own! Hang a white bedsheet and project a movie onto it. Lie on air mattresses and watch a movie in your own backyard!

How do you make summer break fun for your kids? Share your tips in the comments!

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