Disney CARS Photo Booth: Party Activity #DisneySide

Disney Cars Photo Booth

Disney CARS Photo Booth

We were recently chosen to participate in a Disney @Home Celebration. Party planning got into full swing very quickly.

We were thrilled to be chosen and hosted our party a couple weeks ago. When brainstorming activity ideas we were certain of one thing.

We NEEDED a photo booth. 

This post will share some great photos from our party, as well as the PDF files to create your own Disney CARS photobooth.

Making the photo booth was easy. We used the following items:

1. Black tablecloth for a backdrop

2. Skewer sticks for holding the ‘masks’ (you could also use other types of sticks)

3. Finish line ribbon (buy or make your own)

4. Lightning McQueen, Mater and Sally printouts on cardstock

5. Trophy cutouts or props

Cut out the inside of the character’s eyes and attach the masks and cutouts to the sticks and hang the backdrop.

Find a couple cute kids and viola!

Disney CARS Photo Booth

You can tell this activity was loads of fun! 

Here are the PDF files to make your own.

Lightenting McQueen



Racing Flag

Racing Banner

If you do a photo booth at your next CARS party, be sure to share a link to the pictures so we can see too!


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