The Best Snacks For Your Growing Toddler

The Best Snacks For Your Growing Toddler

Toddlers like to graze throughout the day, so when it comes to eating a meal, you will be lucky to get them to eat a bite. Instead, your toddler is probably going to snack all day. In order to keep your kids eating a well-balanced diet, it’s important to give them healthy snacks. 

Here are the best snacks for your growing toddler:

Toast Fingers and Cheese Sticks

Toddlers need dairy in their diet, but they also need something from the bread group as well. Combine cheese sticks and toast fingers for a fun snack kids can eat on the go. Whether heading out to the backyard or to the park, toast fingers and cheese sticks are a snack that can be taken along for a healthy snack.

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

Peanut butter always adds a little more flavor to any snack. It’s fun to dip apples into as well. If you want a healthy snack for your toddler rich in nutrients, apples give your toddler needed fruits while peanut butter provides essential protein and iron

Celery and Peanut Butter

It can be tough to get kids to eat their fiber-rich greens. When you add a little peanut butter to the mix, toddlers seem to forget they are eating healthy veggies. Make this snack, even more, fun with raisins. You can call it “Ants on a Log.” The celery gives your toddler needed fiber and the peanut butter gives them extra iron and protein.

Yogurt and Fruit

Your toddler may like fruit, but may not be too fond of that white stuff you’re giving them. Instead of making it a stressful endeavor, offer yogurt topped with brightly colored fruit like strawberries, blueberries, or bananas.

The Best Snacks For Your Growing Toddler

Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink

When it comes to a well-balanced diet, many toddlers are lacking in vital nutrition for their growing bodies and brains. Instead of trying to force feed them all the healthy foods they are missing in their diet, Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler drink offers your growing toddler all the extra nutrition they need including probiotics for a healthy digestive system, DHA, and Iron for healthy brain support. Keep in mind, that Gerber’s toddler drink is not a meal replacement, formula, or substitute for milk.

Welcome to the Toddler Kit Giveaway

Great snacks and healthy drinks are important to your toddler’s nutrition, so we are hosting a giveaway provided by Gerber for you to enjoy the benefits of Stage 3 Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink. When it comes to giving your child the best there is to offer, Gerber has you covered. They also have a great giveaway to get you started. 

To enter:

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After you have entered the giveaway and learned the benefits of Gerber Good Start Grow Drink, come back here and let us know how your little one has transitioned into toddlerhood. We would love to hear your joys, challenges, and accomplishments during mealtimes!

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