Baby, It’s Cold Outside : 10 Indoor Activities When It’s Too Cold For Outdoor Play

10 Indoor Activities When It's Too Cold For Outdoor Play

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10 Indoor Activities When It’s Too Cold For Outdoor Play

This has been an unusually cold winter for us with temperatures at and below zero.  We’ve also had a lot of wintry weather with snow and ice.  So, there have been very few days that we’ve been able to play outside. Bummer, right ?! What do you do when it’s just too cold to play outside but you have some pretty energetic kids?

Well, I’ve come up with some things that I think are fun and can be educational that you can do with your kids that are suitable for a wide variety of ages.

1.  Spy Scavenger Hunt

2.  Jumping Through Hoops



3.  Sensory Bin Activities (You can google Pinterest for tons of age-appropriate ideas)

4.  Make Snow Ice Cream.



5.  Have an indoor camp out or make a fort.  Make up fun stories and act them out.

6.  This page has 10 indoor activities that you can do with a roll of masking tape !!  Pretty awesome !! (Masking tape activities)



7.  Paint With Ice

8.  Make Winter Play Dough and here are some fun winter play dough mats : Printable Winter Play Dough Mats. You can also add in some fun winter-themed cookie cutters.



9.  Make a winter craft.

10. Hunt for Exercise Cards Game : You’ll make a series of index cards with an instruction to perform some kind of exercise — each card also states where to find the next one. It gets the kids running all over the house and gives them a lot of varied exercise, too.

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