DIY Felt Ghost Bean Bags

DIY Felt Ghost Bean Bags


Felt Ghost Bean Bags for a fun Halloween Carnival Toss.


When it comes to birthday parties and holidays I always consult with my daughters.

They have vivid imaginations, which is a great resource to tap into.  

We are planning a Great Pumpkin Party in our home.  

My four year old daughter Sophia suggested making a few girl ghosts with hair bows and some boy ghosts with silly mustaches to play a toss game with.

Great idea!


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

These Felt Ghost Bean Bags are quick and easy to put together.

Here’s the “how to”:

This is the pattern I use. Enlarge or adjust to suit your taste.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Tape the pattern to a piece of felt.

Cut through the tape for a clean crisp edge.

Pins are not long enough to handle the bulk of felt.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Tape, don’t pin, your pattern in place.

If you are going to personalize your ghosts now is the time.

Leftover buttons from blouses and sweaters make great ghost eyes.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Use embroidery floss. The color and weight of the thread easily shows up against the dark buttons.

Next, match up two top edges.  

Do not pin pieces in place on these short seams.

Felt will stick together a little. 

Start in the middle and work your way down to the folded edge of fabric.

A blanket stitch looks homemade without the tedious effort of hand sewing.

A zig-zag stitch will look great too.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Start in the middle.

Stitch up the opposite side starting at the bottom and working your way back to your initial starting point.

Keep the outside of the presser foot on the outside of the fabric.

This will make sure your blanket stitch is running in the correct direction.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Watch your lines.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining sides.

Now it’s time to fill your ghost.

Place about a 1/3 cup of  rice in a small ziplock baggie.  

It’s relatively inexpensive and easy for little hands to toss.

Don’t overfill. 


Felt Ghost Bean Bags

Time to fill.

Here comes the tricky part.

Add the bottom.

Cut your circle an inch or so larger than the circumference of your ghost.

Turn the outer edge of your ghost out just wide enough for the presser foot to rest on.

Ease your ghost onto the bottom circle.

Go slow and adjust your fabric every few stitches.

Trim the circle close to stitches so outer edges match.


Felt Ghost Bean Bags only a child could imagine!

Felt Ghost Bean Bags only a child could imagine!


I think Sophia was right.

Our silly ghosts now linger by the pumpkins in our dining room.

It’s great when party games double as decorations.

To play the game, place an old wash tub or basket in a corner and attach ribbon to the floor at 12 inch increments.

Start the kids at the first ribbon and see how far they back they can go and still land all 5 ghosts.

Happy Halloween! 

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