Winter Family Fun Olympic Games

Winter Family Fun Olympic Games

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The Winter Olympics are now upon us and we’ll be glued to our televisions soon, sitting at the edge of our seat and cheering on amazing athletes. So let’s talk about our Winter Family Fun Olympic Games.

The Olympics is such an exciting time and a great chance to introduce your children to new sports and great role models!

Most of us only watch the opening ceremonies and a few sports, but don’t forget about the Paralympics too – they are quite the athletes.

It can get quite exciting watching your country compete and win but sometimes they lose. We usually end up sitting more during the Olympics because we are watching the games/competitions and moving less.

Here are some tips and activities to keep your family moving and be less sedentary during the Winter Olympics this year.

Fun Family Challenges

Every time you hear the word Olympics you must jump up and down 3 times (or jumping jacks, push-ups, hop on one foot, do a yoga pose, stretch)

For every game/competition you watch, do one activity below together as a family.

At the end of the game or competition, switch spots with each other on the couch and have a conversation around what your kids thought was really cool.

Did they like the humps, did something make them nervous or ask them if they learned something about another country.

Now, games are more fun when you have lots of people, so recruit your family, friends or neighbours to be apart of your Mini-Olympics.

These can be done daily, weekly or just once throughout the Olympics and can be done inside or outside.

 Indoor Activities

Spin around the baseball bat. Two teams (or one), place bat handle up.

First person spins around the bat with their head on it, then runs to the other side of the room and returns to high-five the next team member.

Ring Toss! Using cardboard paper or Bristol board, cut out the Olympic Rings with their respective colour.

Find an object in your house that could act as a “pin” such as, baby food jars, mason jars, tennis ball container, water bottles).

Have each person toss their rings over the pin. See who can get the most number of rings on their pins!

Outdoor (Snow) Activities

Spray Paint Snow Olympic Rings.

Collect 5 empty spray bottles, fill with water and dye (Yellow, Red, Green, Black and Blue – Olympic colours).

Go outside and create your own snow Olympic Rings.  You can build up the snow to make them 3D or just simply paint the snow!

Toboggan Race.

In teams of two on a field or trail, race another team pulling the sled with 1-2 people on it. Next turn around when you hit a certain distance and then high-five the next team members to go.

This will get you moving fast and you can even “decorate” your sled with cardboard boxes and Olympic colours!

Don’t forget to create your own medals for the winners of your Olympic games!

What Winter Family Fun Olympic Games sport are you excited about the most?

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