What Parents can tell Their Kids Who are Getting Surgery

Parents need to do whatever they can for their kids.

When you become a parent, this is part of what you accept and take on.

You sometimes have to put the child before yourself, and when you make money at your job, you’re doing it for them as much as for you.

You also want to protect your child from all the bad things in the world, but sometimes you can’t.

Medical conditions are certainly at the top of that list.

Children can get sick and injured just like adults, and that doesn’t seem fair.

Maybe your child needs to have surgery, and they’re nervous or scared.

Here’s what what Parents can tell their Kids who are getting surgery to help them get through it.

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You Can Tell Them That Many People Have Surgery

One thing that you might say to your child is that tons of people have surgery, and much of the time, they come through it just fine. 

Doctors in the United States perform nearly 30 million surgeries every year.

They perform surgery for things like:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Removing an obstruction
  • Organ or tissue transplants

People can need major or minor surgeries, and you can tell your child a little about them.

You want to normalize it so that your young one isn’t afraid.

If you have had surgery in the past, and you got through it okay, you can tell them about your experience with it.

You can tell them that it wasn’t so bad, and even though you were a little nervous or frightened, you felt very brave and courageous when the doctors finished.

You Can Explain Why They Need It

You could also explain to the child why they need the particular surgery that they do.

Maybe it’s because:

  • They’re sick, and this will make them well
  • It’s preventative surgery, so they don’t become ill later

In either case, you can use simple language to demonstrate to the child that this is something they need to do so they can live a happy, healthy life.

You can tell them that you love them and want them to enjoy life as much as possible, and this is the best way for them to do that.

You can give them some more surgery details if they’re older, and you think they can handle it better.

If they’re still quite young, it’s best to be a little vaguer about the particulars.

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Tell Them How Proud You’ll Be

Also tell them that if they go through with this, you’ll be proud of them and think of them as a big boy or girl.

And tell them you know they can handle this because of how brave and strong they are.

Frame it as a special favor they’re doing for you.

Explain how happy it will make you when they do this, and how sad you’ll be if they get sick, or how unhappy you are if they’re ill already.

You can tell them to trust you that everything will be okay.

It’s best not to talk with them about any potentially dire consequences unless you feel like they’re mature and old enough to handle it.

And Tell Them About What You’ll Do with Them Afterward

It’s also not a bad idea to bribe them a little.

Take them to get ice cream afterward, or even that you’ll go to Disneyland or another one of their favorite amusement parks.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to make them agreeable, then it’s not the worst thing.

If the surgery will give them a better life quality, you can also tell them about that.

Maybe with the surgery, they can walk or see better, or even for the first time.

The particulars of how you approach this sensitive and potentially scary topic will change depending on how old the kid is and how mature they are.

If they’re old enough to understand what’s going on pretty well, you might not have to sugarcoat things as much.

It’s best to be honest with your child, but also not to overwhelm them.

You also have to conceal your fears or doubts.

Don’t talk with other adults about the surgery dangers within the child’s hearing range.

Try to smile and project a positive outlook. Your child needs that, even if it’s a dangerous surgery, and you don’t necessarily feel it.  

This is What Parents can tell Their Kids Who are Getting Surgery.

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