What Parents Can do to Help Their Children Get into College

Every parent wants the best for their child.

They want to give them every opportunity they can and the best education possible in order for them to have a bright future.

College is one thing that most parents want for their children.

While there are various other routes your child can take after school, it’s a good idea to make sure they can get into a college if they want.

That way, they have the option.

But what can you as parent do to make sure your child stands a good chance of getting into college?

image of young people at college graduation - What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Get into College

Put them in a private school

While there’s nothing wrong with public schools, if your child is struggling, private school might be the best way to do.

Private school generally have smaller classes and allow children to receive more one on one attention from their teachers.

They also often have a wider variety of school subjects and sports to choose from, so your child will be able to experience more and maybe find their passion.

Have a look at the best private schools in Utah to get a better idea of what private schools can offer you and your child.

Help them be social

Children often learn their social skills from their parents.

While socializing might not seem like a big deal when it comes to colleges, colleges tend to want well-rounded students who have skills in all areas, including their social life.

Making sure that your children have a good example of how to act in social situations will also help them to prepare for similar situations in college.

You can also encourage them to volunteer and be more active in the community, since that will improve their social skills as well as give them something to add to their college application.

Get a tutor

We get it, you might not want to give out money on a tutor.

After all, isn’t that what teachers are for?

And you can always help your child if they’re having problems understanding the work, isn’t that so?

Well, that’s true.

But unfortunately, parents don’t always have time or enough knowledge of modern-day education to help their children when they’re struggling.

Teachers do their best, but there might come a day when even that’s not enough.

That’s where tutors come in.

If your child is struggling in one specific subject, that low mark could be dragging down their entire grade.

Tutors often help children to understand work in different ways, which could lead to better grades.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of things you need to consider when hiring a tutor.

Help them find their passion

Helping your child find their passion will enable them to make the right choice when selecting what to study.

For instance, if you start to notice that your child has a caring, empathetic, and respectful personality but can also critically think and desires to learn, working in the healthcare industry could be their calling.

Continuing with the nursing example, in younger children, you may notice they always want to dress up as a nurse or a doctor.

Exploring this further to see if this is their passion should be one of the top priorities as a parent.

You can research the different available career options they could enter and see whether this suits your child or not.

If they do have a desire to keep learning throughout their career, look into what courses are available for them to study beyond just the standard nursing degree.

They might find the idea of studying an online FNP degree appealing.

Even if their passions change over the years, always been there to help them see where it could take them.

Support them

Whatever your child decides to do, you should support them.

It can be hard to accept a certain direction your child might want to head in, especially if it’s not the direction you would have chosen for them.

But be supportive of their dreams, even if you don’t understand it.

Supportive parents will help motivate children to do better and help them reach their full potential.

Start saving

Of course, helping your child get into college is a great achievement on its own.

But isn’t it better if you can help them get into the college of their dreams?

Colleges are expensive, and the fees can make a decent dent in your bank balance if you need to pay it all at once.

That’s why you should start saving for your child’s college as soon as possible.

If you put a little bit of money away each month, you’ll have enough to cover most of the expensive by the time college rolls around.

It’s never too early to make a plan for your child’s college fees.

Improve their talent

If your child is particularly passionate about or talented in a specific activity, whether it’s sports-related or more in the direction of the arts, helping them hone that talent is always a great idea.

It will help show them that you believe in them, and also give their college application a boost.

Colleges get thousands of applications each year, and nearly every applicant has some kind of talent.

But if you’re willing to hire a coach or send your child to workshops to elevate their skills level, they’ll have something about their application that stands out.

Prepare them

Doing well in academics and extra-curricular activities won’t be enough if your child in unprepared for what’s awaiting them.

Applying for college can be a long, grueling process.

Of course, no one can be one hundred percent prepared, but you can equip them with knowledge and advice that might give them an idea of what’s along the road for them.

Help them by sharing your own experience, doing research with them, and helping them know what college entrance testing will involve.

Help them be independent

This might seem a bit counterintuitive, because how can you help them if they’re independent?

The truth is that you’ll need to be there for support and guidance, but also teach them how to do things on their own.

If they rely too heavily on you, they probably won’t cope with college, since it requires a lot of independence.

Encourage them to try things on their own, but be sure to reassure them that you’ll be more than willing to help them if they struggle.

Encourage them to be well-rounded

Colleges aren’t interested only in school grades anymore.

Don’t let your child get sucked into the habit of only focusing on one aspect of their life – encourage them to try new things and hone their skills in various areas, such as the arts, sports, socializing, or eco-consciousness, on top of their academics.

Be careful that they’re not taking on too much, though.

You don’t want them to burn out or try to do too many things and end up failing due to time constraints.

Along with encouraging them to be well-rounded, you can encourage them to live a balanced lifestyle that isn’t solely focused on college, but things that they enjoy as well.

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