What Did Parents Do Before Smartphones?

What Did Parents Do Before Smartphones?

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Sick Daughter

For the better part of five months, from the weekend of her first birthday in mid-November, through early Spring, my daughter was sick.

She had just started daycare at the same time and the germs were spreading like butter on warm toast.

Over that period, she saw our family doctor, went to the walk-in clinic twice, and a special pediatric walk-in clinic once. Every time she seemed like she was getting healthier, she would get sick again.

As a parent, it was maddening. No one could figure out why she wasn’t getting healthy. She would cough herself awake every night, so she wasn’t getting restful sleep. She seemed lethargic at times and angry at others. On top of everything else, seemed to be teething steadily, with only a few days of a break here and there.

Hard to Watch

There was also vomiting every time she drank milk (1%, 2%, homogenized, soy, almond) and formula. This lasted a week or so. We thought she had a milk or lactose allergy so she was getting fortified water and we made she was getting all her nutrients elsewhere.

We were finally able to wean her back onto milk products and thankfully, she’s been fine since.

The pediatrician decided her coughing at night was asthma. So she got a week’s worth of liquid steroids and two puffers. While it helped a little, she wasn’t cured. Time and the change of season seemed far more beneficial to her. Eventually she stopped waking me up during the night which meant she wasn’t waking herself up.

It really is no fun to have sick child. They are miserable in the comforts of your own home, let alone in the waiting room of the doctor’s office with all the other sick people.

Needed a Distraction

The only thing I could really give her as a distraction was food, treats really, in snack form.

That, and my smart phone. She came to realize The Wiggles “live” in my phone. She put a nice dent into my data plan on every doctor visit but it helped keep her from getting angry and upset about the wait.

I don’t know what my parents did to amuse me at the doctor’s when I was her age but there were no cell phones, portable DVD players and other electronics we use on a normal day to day basis now.

It’s funny though, as great as The Wiggles are at the doctor’s office, there are certain draw backs. I can’t answer my phone without her wanting to watch an episode or at least a clip. I can’t use my laptop, desktop or iPad without being bombarded with requests for the “Weeeeeeeeeeee” (her word for The Wiggles” or more recently Elmo (pronounced in the deepest voice a 20-month-old girl should ever have).

It makes me laugh every time I hear her ask. But at the same, even writing this post required two Elmo breaks.

She’s a Wiggles and Elmo fan, I know it!

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