Other Uses for Toothpaste

Other Uses for Toothpaste

And you thought that toothpaste was just good for brushing your teeth with. Well, guess again because there are several other uses for toothpaste that you may not have thought of.

Cleaning fingernails – If you have debris under your fingernails from things like gardening and painting, you can get them clean and white again with the use of some toothpaste. Not only that but the toothpaste helps to make the keratin in your nails stronger. Just use whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Scrub under your nails and they will be like new again. Toothpaste is also helpful with getting the yellow out by leaving it on your nails for about five minutes.

Bug bit itch reliever – Bug bites are itchy, red and irritating. Using non-gel toothpaste, dab some onto the bug bite for a few minutes to help with the itchiness and to reduce the redness.

Iron cleaner – If you iron clothing often, you know that mineral deposits collect on the iron with use. Using an old tooth brush and some toothpaste, scrub the paste into the holes on the iron. Of course you want to do this when the iron is cooled. Then, just wipe down with some damp paper towels and the iron will be like new again.

Crayon remover – Kids love to draw on walls with crayons. However, you can tackle those crayon marks with some toothpaste and a damp cloth. Using the cloth, rub some toothpaste on the crayon mark. Using a circular motion, gently rub until the mark is gone.

Soap scum remover – To get rid of stubborn soap scum you will need toothpaste and a damp cloth. Apply the tooth paste to the cloth and clean in a circular motion. Leave the toothpaste on the soap scum for 10-15 minutes so that the active ingredients in the paste can work into the soap scum. Rinse with warm water and wipe clean.

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