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Other Uses for Tea Bags

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For most of us, we use tea bags one time and one time only but consider these Other Uses for Tea Bags.TOTS Family, Parenting, Kids, Food, Crafts, DIY and Travel Other-Uses-For-Tea-Bags Other Uses for Tea Bags Drinks Home TOTS Family Uncategorized  tea bag tea

For most of us, we use tea bags one time and one time only but consider these Other Uses for Tea Bags.

We make a cup of tea and toss the tea bag in the trash.


Other Uses for Tea Bags

However, before you throw that tea bag away next time, consider the following alternative uses for them.


Adding flavor to pasta

Who would have thought that your morning tea bag would also be useful for adding flavor to your pasta at dinnertime?

When you are boiling water for pasta, hang a few tea bags over the side of the pot.

This works best with tea bags that haven’t been brewed yet.

Remove the bags and add in your pasta.

You can try using flavored tea bags like green tea, cinnamon or jasmine.


Watering the garden

Take a few tea bags that have already been used and place them in a pail of water.

While this may produce a weak tea, this is exactly what you need to water your garden.

This weak tea will help protect your plants from fungal infections.

Another idea is to open up the tea bags and use the tea as a fertilizer by adding it around the plants’ base.

These tea leaves will also help to repel against garden critters such as mice.


Cleaning carpets 

Tea bags that have already been brewed are great for cleaning as well as deodorizing your carpets.

If you don’t have enough tea bags to use for the surface that you need cleaned, you can easily store them in the fridge in some cold water.

This will help to ensure that they don’t go bad.

Once you have a sufficient amount of tea bags, you can then open the bags to expose the leaves.

Allow to dry until they are damp but not wet.

Then, sprinkle the tea leaves over the carpet area and let them set on the carpet until they are dried.

Once they are dried, just vacuum them up.

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