Other Uses for Baby Wipes

Other Uses for Baby Wipes With Huggies

Babies bring a great deal of joy and laughter to any family. However, they also bring along some pretty stinky diapers. While baby wipes are ideal for cleaning up these messes, they can also be used for a variety of other things as well. 

Other Uses For Baby Wipes - Huggies Wipes 101

Quick cleanups – While it is true that baby wipes cleanup babies’ bottoms, they are also ideal for other types of quick cleanups as well. You can use them for cleaning your hands after you pump gas or wiping your sweaty face while out in the hot summer sun. They are also ideal for cleaning up quick spills in your vehicle.

Shining shoes – If you suddenly notice that your shoes are dull as can be grab a baby wipe and shine them up in a jiffy.

Other Uses For Baby Wipes - Explorers

Dust cloths – There are some name brand wipes that can actually be reused as cleaning rags and dust cloths in a pinch. Of course, you don’t want to reuse soiled wipes.

Bathroom buffer – If you are having company over but don’t have time to thoroughly clean your bathroom, baby wipes to the rescue. Baby wipes come in handy to wipe down bathroom surfaces.

Other Uses For Baby Wipes - When Pasta Meets Baby

Stain remover – Baby wipes are perfect for blotting stains on your carpet since it absorbs the liquid as well as the stain. You can also use baby wipes to clean up spills and remove stains from clothes and upholstery too.

Computer keyboard cleaner – Computer keyboards can get downright nasty at time with dirt, dust and debris. While shaking the keyboard can get rid of the stuff that gets underneath the keys, this is only half the battle. Baby wipes can help with the rest of the cleanup by getting rid of the stuff on the actual keys themselves like gunk, spills and dirt.

Other Uses For Baby Wipes - Clean Up For Playtime

Makeup Remover – You may not know that many models out there use baby wipes to remove their makeup. This is especially true when it comes to removing black eyeliner.

Huggies® Wipes are a great way to clean up any family’s mess, not just baby’s! They are best because of their TripleClean™ technology that no other wipe can tout. We also love Huggies®  Wipes come in a variety of fun, convenient packaging, so whether you keep them stashed in your living room, or bag, or car, there is a design that will suit your needs. They come in stylish designs to compliment any trendy mom’s ensemble.


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Other Uses for Baby Wipes

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