Understanding Visas: What Does Visa On Arrival For Indians Mean?

According to a survey conducted by insurance company Battleface in 2021, about half of Americans have had to pay fines or bear the cost of losses when traveling without travel insurance so lets review What Does Visa On Arrival For Indians Mean?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, 36% of Americans believe they are more inclined to acquire travel insurance for trips abroad, while 34% say they are more likely to do so for domestic vacations.

However, we, Indians, knowing this fact, can safeguard ourselves with travel insurance for sure.

But first, let’s understand more about the Visa on arrival for Indians.  

What Does Visa On Arrival For Indians Mean?

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What is Visa on arrival?

As you are all aware, sometimes traveling from one country to another necessitates the acquisition of a Visa.

Therefore, before visiting another country, you may need to apply for a visa.

However, Visas on arrival are available in several countries.

When you arrive in that country, you can apply for a Visa.

The number of countries for which you can obtain a visa on arrival is determined by the nationality of your passport.

It only applies if you are visiting the country for the first time as a tourist.

You have to apply for a student visa or a work visa if you’re going with that purpose.

You will not be able to obtain a visa once you arrive in the country.

It’s also worth noting that Visa on arrival for Indians is valid for 15 days.

What documents are needed for Visa on arrival for Indians?

A Visa on arrival for Indians can only be processed if you furnish officials with the correct documents when visiting the countries.

Some of the crucial documents you’ll need if you need a visa on arrival are listed below:

  • A valid passport is required
  • Return tickets
  • Hotel confirmation on the place of destination
  • Bank balance proof

The document requirements may alter. It differs from nation to nation.

Also, keep your insurer’s contact details on hand at all times in case you need to file a claim for travel insurance.

But why is there a need for travel insurance?

Let’s reasons for buying travel insurnace now.

What’s travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from the costs and dangers associated with travel.

It’s a good piece of insurance for anyone traveling locally or internationally.

It is a complete insurance policy that provides coverage for medical and financial problems while traveling overseas.

To that purpose, there are a variety of travel insurance policies available that provide coverage while traveling abroad, even for Visa on arrival for Indians.

What’s the need for travel insurance?

For Visa on arrival for Indians, you must purchase travel insurance if you want to treasure your peace of mind.

There are several instances where you may need to return home early or seek emergency medical treatment while abroad.

You expose yourself to hundreds of hazards without a good travel insurance policy with a well-known insurance company like Care Insurance, and you’re in an unknown place.

You might expose yourself to the following dangers:

  • Cancellation of your vacation due to illness
  • Medical requirement in the destination country
  • Sudden evacuation from your hotel
  • Natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, and tsunamis
  • Trip cancellation due to terrorist activity at your destination
  • Loss of luggage
  • Theft of passport or Visa
  • A sudden need for medicines prescribed

You can protect yourself from all of these dangers by getting a travel Insurance policy that meets your needs.

So, if you’re traveling light and only have old clothing and minimal requirements in your suitcase, there’s no need to get baggage insurance.

Instead, personalize it and cover what matters most to you to get the most out of your travel insurance policy. ​​

Bottom Line

Travel insurance may appear to be an unnecessary investment, and many travellers have questioned the same question: why should I acquire travel insurance?

To begin with, travel insurance, like immunizations, is one of the many things that you must have when traveling.

In addition, travel insurance provides coverage for a variety of emergencies, as previously noted.

Travel insurance is a must-have and a sensible investment to obtain before going on a trip for all of these reasons.

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