Ultimate Guide to Potty Training Little Ones

Ultimate Guide To Potty Training Little Ones

Having little ones is a ton of fun, but most moms paralyze in fear of potty training their little ones.

You don’t need to have that fear anymore because there are several ways you can potty train those little ones. Check out this ultimate guide to potty training little ones.

Ultimate Guide To Potty Training Little Ones

Get started when they are ready

As a veteran mom, I will tell you that you can start potty training whenever you want, but kids are in control of this one.

You cannot force a child to get potty trained before they are ready.

Not only does it cause a lot of stress, it just adds unnecessary drama to your life.


Running around naked does help

Moms should know that kids really struggle to get their clothing off in order to make it to the potty.

One of the best things you can do in the beginning of potty training is let your child run around naked.

When they have to go, they can make it to the potty a lot sooner.


Ultimate Guide To Potty Training Little Ones

Bribe your child to stay on the potty

When I was potty training some of my kids, I seriously bribed them to just sit on the potty.

Hours and hours went by with them just sitting there.

I wanted them to know what it felt like when they needed to go.

I gave them breaks of course, but the iPad really came in handy during those moments.


The Ultimate Guide to 3-Days Potty Training – excerpt from Parentinn.com

“Potty training or toilet training is a unique story for every child. It is a journey that you and your child must only embark upon if you are mentally, physically and emotionally ready.

This task entails more than just sitting your child on the potty a number of times a day. It takes dedication, patience and hard work! Some children get it right away, while for others, it takes weeks or months.

This means very long days of constantly reminding the child to go to the toilet, giving compliments, and cleaning after accidents for the parents and caregivers.

Therefore, when you decide that it’s time to potty train your child, make sure to pack lots and lots of patience!

You see, potty training doesn’t stop when your child is able to sit on the toilet on their own; it’s not even when he/she can go on queue because you remind him/her about going to the potty numerous times in a day.

These are merely benchmarks where you would see that your child is on the way to being completely “potty trained”.

However, in any kind of training, it is important that everything you do aims for progress and results. And because potty training is different for every child, you must figure out what works best for your child.

You already know the basic steps of potty training your child, now let’s tackle a list of “do’s” that you may follow throughout your training period.”

This is an excerpt from Parentinn.com – 3 Days Potty Training Guide


Try not to get too upset

There are going to be a lot of accidents when it comes to potty training.

The best thing you can do is come to realize this.

Don’t get too worked up in the beginning about accidents, it’s part of the learning process.

In fact, keeping your cool will only help your child progress.


Potty Training Tools


Use the Right Potty Training Tools

When it was time for us to potty train our little ones, I always went with Pull-Ups® Training Pants.

They are seriously the best potty training tool.

The sides are super stretchy, which is awesome for kids because everyone needs to pull their pants up and down to go potty.

My kids loved the wetness indicators because it helps every child to learn to stay dry.


Use Cottonelle® FreshCare® Cleansing Wipes

These are seriously one of the best investments you will make when potty training your child. Not only are they great for adults, but for kids learning to wipe on their own.

The Cottonelle® FreshCare® Cleansing Wipes are flushable wipes that break up upon flushing and are sewer- and septic-safe. Plus, they’re alcohol-free to ensure they’re gentle enough for your little one’s skin.

Help your little one learn to clean without the worry of irritation.

What Ultimate Guide To Potty Training Little Ones do you have for potty training?



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