Travelling with Young Kids

Travelling with Young Kids

With spring officially here and summer on its way with family vacations. Family vacations in our family mean long road trips with three active children aged 6 and under. After 3 different (long) weeks of travelling with them I’ve gotten rather good at planning.

Travelling with Young Kids


Something that isn’t going to make a big mess. Nothing that needs a spoon, ie: pudding containers.

Finger foods: carrot sticks, Goldfish crackers, etc are great, and not junk food.

Drinks in something that won’t spill easily. I love Contigo brand water bottles (for kids and adults), but I also have toss away cups with covers for juice or milk, that way we’re not carting around dishes.


Activity books keep things interesting. You can find them at dollar stores or online, or make your own! That’s what I did. A cheap, but durable binder (ours are years old). I printed off free pages that you can find around the web, Crayola has a printable page for each province and state, I printed off one for each province we’ll be driving through.

I Spy is a favorite for my six and three-year-old. It can be adapted for the alphabet on signs or licenses plates, print out the alphabet so you can cross them off, or have a piece of paper and practice writing them.

I’m not above making sure that we have of movies to entertain as well.


We have neck pillows for each of our children, I can’t image how their necks must feel when they fall asleep in their car seats.

Wear comfortable clothing, shoes aren’t a must when you’re strapped in.
Blankets are great for those that might get cold while others are too warm.

With the exception of the Contigo mugs (which we already own) everything that I recently bought for our upcoming vacation was bought at our local dollar store. 

  • the disposable cups
  • activity books
  • pencil cases and the crayons to go in it
  • headphones for children, for their movies
  • Disney character neck pillows

What tricks and tips do you have for travelling with your children?

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