Travelling In Style With LUG #totstravels

Travelling In Style With LUG #totstravels

I know my way around nice bags. Purses and diaper bags are something the I’ve had my fair share of over my years. For some reason I am always attracted to name brand bags. I have found over the years when it comes to bags, you get what you pay for.

I had shopped for luggage before, but never found something stylish, practical and something I would want to spend money on. Well, that has now changed!

Travelling In Style With LUG #totstravels

According to LUG: “It all started with a guy, a girl, and a dog, 1,456 miles of asphalt, and 23 hours logged in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee from Dallas, TX, to Toronto, ON, Canada. Ami and Jason had met a few short months before on August 31, 2004, at one of the largest trade shows in the nation. It was Magic. Las Vegas. Thousands of merchants and two entrepreneurs with bags on the brain. They hit it off and then hit the road.”

The goal of LUG is simple. Make bags that are smart. With different pockets, magnets, amazing zippers and hidden compartments, their bags are second to none.

Travelling In Style With LUG

I recently took two LUG bags, the Puddle Jumper Wheelie and The Airbus Weekender Bag, on our family vacation. We travelled the Caribbean with 5 kids. It was crazy, but we had the time of our lives! These were the only two bags we choose to carry on, as our hands were full of babies! My older sons were able to roll the Wheelie and me or my husband took the Airbus. The bags were lightweight. Both my 8 year old and 6 year old could wheel the bags easily and carrying the Airbus, even fully loaded, could be done with a baby in my arms.

Travelling In Style With LUG #totstravelsSome features of the Airbus include, a hidden water bottle pocket, a coated wipeable bottom, a magnetic pocket in the front for magazines (we used it for the iPad) and a ventilated pocket at the bottom for shoes or dirty clothes.

The Puddle Jumper Wheelie had all of the same features as above, with amazing wheels, a zippered cosmetic compartment, ID holder, internal bottle holders and MUCH more!

Travelling In Style With LUG #totstravels

One of my favourite aspects of LUG is the zippers. They are great quality and not only that, their placement was specifically chosen for convenience. During this trip it can go without saying that I was in and out of the carry-on bags constantly. The zipper is at the back of the bag. When placing carry-on luggage in overhead compartments, you are supposed to put wheels down. This placement makes the zipper as close to you as possible when stored. It also makes the bag open wide when loading and searching for an item. This zipper placement made it E-A-S-Y.

Cruise2014 577

Quality is another word I will freely use to describe these bags. I’ve had zippers break on the first use in the past. As a family of 7, we are hard on things. These bags came back after 11 days looking like they had just come out of the box. There were no loose threads, stretched seams or scratches. The fabric was amazing and did not show a speck of dirt! There might have been a little sand in them though.

One thing not to forget is how stylish these bags are. The colours are vibrant and stand out in the crowd. This is something I appreciate. There was no doubt that a piece of luggage was mine. No more boring black! 

I absolutely recommend LUG and encourage you to visit them online. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Also, check out the giveaway below to enter to win your own Airbus Weekender! 

Lug Airbus

I was provided two LUG bags for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Travelling In Style With LUG

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