Travel Advice for LGBTQ Families

Traveling with kids is tough at the best of times – when you’re an LGBTQ family, sometimes even more so learn this Travel Advice for LGBTQ Families.

You may need to put in some additional planning in order to ensure that the experience is as stress-free as possible, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you should shy away from heading abroad and showing your children the world!

Here is a bit of helpful advice to help you along as you prepare for your next journey with the whole family in tow.

Travel Advice for LGBTQ Families - Little girl enjoying the walk with her fathers. Gay couple with daughter in the park.

Travel with all the necessary documents

Most families only really have to worry about carrying everyone’s passports when visiting an overseas or domestic destination.

Unfortunately, LGBTQ parents might need to bring additional documents along to prove that you are both, in fact, your children’s caregivers and legal guardians.

It is a great idea to pack your kids’ birth certificates and your official adoption paperwork.

In the event that your kids have different last names to both or either of you, it is advisable to bring your custody documents, too.

Pick an LGBTQ-friendly destination

You’ll want to feel welcomed and at home when arriving at your chosen destination, so be sure to think carefully about where you go.

Some cities around the world are quite conservative and may not be overly accepting of members of the LGBTQ community.

Further to this, homosexuality is still illegal in some countries, so do your research thoroughly before booking any tickets or making any reservations.

If you’re looking for inspiration, Mr Hudson explores is a fantastic LGBTQ-friendly resource to use.

It also offers handy custom travel planning to aid you in setting up your itinerary.

Choose your accommodation wisely

It’s not just about taking time to select the perfect vacation destination when you’re traveling as an LGBTQ family.

You’ll also need to investigate your accommodation options a lot more in-depth than other families would.

Along with making sure that the guesthouse or hotel has plenty of offerings to keep the kids entertained, you’ll also want to double-check that they follow a strict policy of inclusion.

Numerous hotel chains and independent guesthouses around the globe have openly stated that they will not allow discrimination of any sort on their premises.

Furthermore, many have diversity initiatives in place that focus on LGBTQ guests.

Consider working closely with a travel agent

Yes, there are indeed some travel agents and travel agencies that specialize in organizing LGBTQ-friendly trips for their clients.

These agents and agencies will obviously have insider knowledge regarding a broad array of destinations, helping you to find suitable accommodation and activities and avoid any unpleasant engagements with close-minded businesses and individuals.

Knowing that you are in good hands can alleviate a significant amount of stress both leading up to and during your family vacation.

Be sure to focus on enjoying every moment of your time away with your loved ones.

Having learned this Travel Advice for LGBTQ Families you will enjoy a wonderful break and the opportunity to create a host of memories that you’ll all treasure forever!

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