Transforming Your Home Into a Child-Friendly Environment

Becoming a parent is a landmark event and even though it is packed with excitement and love, many parents of tiny tots find themselves overwhelmed with nagging fears when asked about Transforming Your Home Into a Child-Friendly Environment.

While baby-proofing your home by installing soft corners on counters and blocking plug outlets mentions a few minor home adjustments that will greatly reduce the possibility your little one becomes injured.

There are several other projects you should be considering to enhance the general child-friendly environment your home is able to offer your active youngster.

Whether your little one has recently been welcomed into the world or you are searching for methods of keeping your toddler out of harm’s way.

The following home improvement projects and home requirements will be well worth the investment. 

Transforming Your Home Into a Child-Friendly Environment

Bathroom adjustments

A bathroom hosts a range of potential injuries that seem to be just waiting to happen for parents of young ones.

While you won’t be able to superglue padding onto every hard surface in your bathroom to promote safety, you will be able to increase the general safety of the area.

Installing a walk in bath would reduce the nagging fear that your active toddler may potentially injure themselves while they are learning to climb in and out of a bathtub on their own.

You may not be able to do everything for your little one as they will need to learn to gradually develop independence, which is often where the fears of injuries stem from.

However, you can install a bathtub that will diminish the possibility altogether.

Other additions to your bathroom include a stepping stool to allow your child to reach taps.

Staircase Safety

While refinishing stairs is a great way to enhance the safety they are able to provide, stairs are often every toddler’s parents’ worst fear.

If you would like to prevent your little one from tumbling down your staircase accidentally, you should install a baby gate at the top of the staircase and keep it locked when you and your child are upstairs.

In addition to this, you should also ensure your staircase has a railing at the right height for your little one.

As most staircases do not boast railings low enough for toddlers to reach, it would be wise to have one installed.

You will then be able to teach your toddler to hold onto the railing when they are walking up and down the stairs.

There are some products on the market to improve the grip on stairs if you do not have carpets, such as adhesive tape with grip.

Any extra addition to your staircase will help bring peace of mind.

Pool Concerns

If you have a pool area in your backyard, you should be taking measures to ensure your child is safe from drowning.

While installing a pool net or cover to close up your pool is one way to keep children from drowning

This method is not 100% safe as many children have fallen between the gaps and become trapped under the covering.

Rather than rely only on a pool covering, you could also install a short fence around your pool area.

The fence should be too high for your child to climb over as this will keep them at a safe distance from the pool area at all times.

The gate for the fence should be kept locked unless you are using the pool.

If you are tempted to build a brick or solid wall enclosure for your pool rather than opting for a fence, you should consider that a fence would allow you to view inside the pool area.

Even though a fence will be able to keep your children safe, it is best not to restrict your visibility in risky areas.


Replacing Insulation

Even though replacing your insulation may have never crossed your mind while thinking about what measures you can take to keep your child safe, replacing your insulation will be improving the healthy environment in your home.

Because the insulation in your home can play a significant role in the health of you and your family, you should replace it to be certain.

If your home’s insulation has not been installed correctly or it is old, the temperatures in your house may not be regulated and this could result in your child becoming ill.

Making the necessary investment to replace insulation will enhance the general comfort in your home as well.


Keeping Your Little One Healthy

While replacing your insulin is a great method of ensuring your child is able to stay healthy and comfortable, there are additional home improvements that will aid the health of your child.

Replacing your windows to ensure there are no drafts entering your home is a fantastic idea.

However, you could also consider opting for thicker more durable glass panes.

Preschools usually opt to install thick glass panes on windows as there is less chance of a child being able to break the glass by accident and becoming injured as a result.

You should also install a quality water filtration system to ensure your home is able to provide clean drinking water.

Even though installing so many extras may seem excessive, there is hardly anything more important than the health of your children.

Keeping them safe may require something of a large investment, although no amount of money could compare to the ultimate peace of mind a safe healthy home is able to bring.

Certain home improvements may require removal as your child grows older and more aware of their surroundings, such as the additions to your staircase.

However, a walk in bath and the effort of replacing insulation and window panes will serve you and your family well for years to come.

Your water filtration systems and any other installation that will improve the health of your home will not need to be removed later on, which means these are long-term investments that are well worth the spend.

Keeping your family healthy should be an ongoing concern, and with certain additions to your home, you will be more able to focus on other methods of maintaining health, such as encouraging a balanced diet.

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