Toy Buying Tips From a Mother of Seven

Toy Buying Tips From a Mother of Seven

Use these Toy Buying Tips From a Mother of Seven. Buying toys for your kids has become one of the most expensive aspects of parenting. It can be equally difficult for grandparents on fixed incomes. Consequently, ensure you buy quality toys to reduce the amount of wasted toys.

  • Finances – It is important that the toy purchased is within budget. We have a responsibility to be a good steward of our finances.
  • Quality – Is the Toy good quality. Will it last for for months or years? Can you re-use it for another child? Can it last through a second generation? Will it hold it’s value if you want to sell it later on?
  • Practicality – Is this something that makes your life easier? Is it something that is simple to clean? Does it have a million pieces that you need to search the house for to make sure it is complete?
  • Service – Is the product backed by a reputable company e.g. Lego that offers a toll free service phone number or website chat so you can solve problems quickly and completely? Are the instruction clear and complete – will you be able to assemble the toy or do you need an engineer’s help? What does it take to get replacement parts? Are replacement parts even available?


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